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Albums I am currently listening to

Bob Mould – Patch the Sky


  • Voices in my Head
  • The End of Things
  • Hold on
  • You sayYou
  • Losing Sleep
  • Pray for Rain
  • Lucifer and God
  • Daddy’s Favourite
  • Hands are Tied
  • Black Confetti
  • Losing Time
  • Monument

Barbara Barbara we face a Shining Future – Underworld
I Exhale
If Rah
Low Burn
Santiago Cuatro
Motor Home
Ova Nova
Nylon Strung

Primal Scream – Chaosmosis

  • Trippin’ on your Love
  • Feeling like a Demon Again
  • I Can Change
  • 100% or Nothing
  • Private Wars
  • Where the Light Gets In
  • When the Blackout meets the Fallout
  • Carnival of Fools
  • Golden Rope
  • Autumn in Paradise

Thirty Goes Around the Sun – the Wonder Stuff
Don’t you Ever
In Clover
For the Broken Hearted
Good Deeds and Highs
One Day on
The Affirmation
The Last Days of the Feast
The Kids from the Green
Misunderstanding Burton Heel
Thirty goes around the Sun

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