Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode)

Dave Gahan, the lead singer with Depeche Mode was born 9 May.1962. Depeche Mode’s origins date to 1977, when schoolmates Vince Clarke and Andy Fletcher formed a The Cure-influenced band called No Romance In China, with Clarke on vocals and guitar and Fletcher on bass. In1978–79, Martin Gore played guitar in an acoustic duo, Norman and The Worms, with school friend Phil Burdett on vocals. In 1979, Marlow, Gore, and friend Paul Redmond formed a band called The French Look, with Marlow on vocals/keyboards, Gore on guitar and Redmond on keyboards. In March 1980, Clarke, Gore and Fletcher formed a band called Composition of Sound, with Clarke on vocals/guitar, Gore on keyboards, and Fletcher on bass.Soon after the formation of Composition of Sound, Clarke heard “Electricity”, the debut single by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD). Along with OMD, other early influences included The Human League, Daniel Miller and Fad Gadget. Clarke and Fletcher switched to synthesisers, Dave Gahan joined the band in 1980 after Clarke heard him perform at a local scout hut jam session, singing a rendition of David Bowie’s “Heroes”,and Depeche Mode were born. The new name was taken from a French fashion magazine, Dépêche mode (from French dépêche that means here “dispatch” (from Old French despesche/despeche) or “news report”, and mode that means “fashion”), The band made their recording debut in 1980 on the Some Bizzare Album with the song “Photographic”, which was later re-recorded for their debut album Speak & Spell.their first single, “Dreaming of Me”, recorded in December 1980 and released in February 1981. It reached number 57 in the UK charts. their second single, “New Life”, earned an appearance on Top of the Pops and the third single “Just Can’t Get Enough”. Was followed by Depeche Mode’s debut album, Speak & Spell, released in 1981

In November 1981 Vince Clarke publicly announced that he was leaving Depeche Mode.Soon afterwards, Clarke joined up with blues singer Alison Moyet to form Yazoo (Yaz in the US) and later, the duo Erasure with Andy Bell. Consequently Gore became Depeche Mode’s new songwriter. In late 1981, the band placed an anonymous ad in Melody Maker looking for another musician; Alan Wilder, a keyboardist from West London, responded and was hired in early 1982. In January 1982, the band released “See You”, The Meaning of Love”, and “Leave in Silence”, ahead of the band’s second studio album A Broken Frame, which was released September 1982. Depeche Mode’s third LP was Construction Time Again, which contained the singles “Everything Counts”, a commentary on the perceived greed of multinational corporations, “The Landscape Is Changing” and “Two Minute Warning”. in March 1984 they released the single “People Are People”, which became a big hit, and has since become an anthem for the LGBT community and was regularly played at gay establishments and gay pride festivals in the late 1980s.

A compilation of the same name was also released which included tracks from A Broken Frame and Construction Time Again as well as several b-sides.In September 1984, the album Some Great Reward was released and the songs on Some Great Reward were mostly concerned with more personal themes such as sexual politics (“Master and Servant”), adulterous relationships (“Lie to Me”), and arbitrary divine justice (“Blasphemous Rumours”). Also included was the first Martin Gore ballad (“Somebody”) The World We Live In and Live in Hamburg was the band’s first video release. It is an almost complete film of a concert from their 1984 Some Great Reward Tour, in Hamburg, Germany. In October 1985, a compilation, The Singles 81>85 (Catching Up with Depeche Mode in the US), was released, which included the two non-album hit-singles “Shake the Disease” and “It’s Called a Heart”.

Depeche Mode’s released their fifteenth single “Stripped” in 1986 and the accompanying album Black Celebration moved away from the “industrial-pop” sound that had characterised their previous two LPs, and introduced an ominous, highly atmospheric and textured sound. Gore’s lyrics also took on a darker tone becoming even more pessimistic.the second single “A Question of Time” was directed by Anton Corbijn,[39] beginning a working relationship that continues to the present day. Corbijn has directed a further 19 of the band’s videos (the latest being 2006’s “Suffer Well”). The next album 1987’s Music for the Masses saw further alterations in the band’s sound and contained the singles”strange love”, “Never Let Me Down Again” and “Behind the Wheel”.The Music for the Masses Tour followed the release of the album. In 1989, Depeche Mode released the singles “Personal Jesus”, and “Enjoy the Silence” which was voted’Best British single’ at the 1991 Brit Awards, and was followed by The new album Violator. Two more singles from the album “Policy of Truth” and “World in My Eyes” we’re also released. In 1991, Depeche Mode contribution, “Death’s Door” was released on the accompanying Warner Brothers album, Until the End of the World: original motion picture soundtrack for the film Until the End of the World. Musical artists were challenged by film director Wim Wenders to write music the way they imagined they would in the year 2000, the setting of the movie.

Around 1992 Dave Gahan became interested in the new grunge scene sweeping the U.S. and was influenced by the likes of Jane’s Addiction, Soundgarden and Nirvana and In 1993 they released the album Songs of Faith and Devotion, featuring the grunge influenced single ” I Feel You” and the Gospel influenced “Condemnation”.The Devotional world tour followed. It was documented by a concert film of the same name. The film was directed by Anton Corbijn and earned the band their first Grammy nomination.The band’s second live album, Songs of Faith and Devotion Live, was released in December 1993.

Sadly Dave Gahan’s heroin addiction was starting to affect his behaviour, causing him to become more erratic and introverted. Martin Gore experienced seizures and Andy Fletcher declined to participate in the second half of the Exotic Tour due to “mental instability”. Then In June 1995, Alan Wilder announced that he was leaving Depeche Mode. Following Wilder’s departure, many were sceptical of whether Depeche Mode would ever record again. Gahan’s mental state and drug habit became a major source of concern, with a near-fatal overdose at a hotel in Los Angeles. Despite Gahan’s increasingly severe personal problems, Gore tried repeatedly during 1995 and 1996 to get the band recording again. In mid-1996, Gahan entered a court ordered drug rehabilitation program to battle his cocaine-heroin addiction after his near fatal overdose.With Gahan out of rehab in 1996, Depeche Mode held recording sessions . The album Ultra was released in April 1997, which contained the singles, “Barrel of a Gun”,”It’s No Good”, “Home” and “Useless”.A second singles compilation The Singles 86–98 was released in 1998, preceded by the new single “Only When I Lose Myself”, which had been recorded during the Ultra sessions.

In 2001, Depeche Mode released the album Exciter, containing the singles. “Dream On”, “I Feel Loved”, “Freelove” and “Goodnight Lovers”. Then In October 2002 the band won the first-ever Q magazine “Innovation Award”.In 2003 Dave Gahan released his first solo album, Paper Monsters. Also released in 2003 was Martin Gore’s second solo album Counterfeit². Andrew Fletcher also founded his own record label.A new remix compilation album Remixes 81–04 was released in 2004, featuring new and unreleased promo mixes of the band’s singles from 1981 to 2004. Including a new version of “Enjoy the Silence”. In October 2005, the band released their 11th studio album Playing the Angel, featuring the singles “Precious”, “Suffer Well” and “John the Revelator”, an uptempo electronic track with a running religious theme and”Lilian”, a lush track that was a hit in many clubs all over the world.Depeche Mode toured in 2005 and headlined a number of festivals including the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and the O2 Wireless Festival.

A “best-of” compilation was released in 2006, entitled The Best Of, Volume 1 featuring a new single “Martyr”, Depeche Mode received the MTV Europe Music Award in the Best Group category. Depeche Mode’s12th studio album Sounds of the Universe.was released in 2009, containing the singles Wrong, Peace, Fragile Tension/Hole to feed and Perfect.The album went to number one in 21 countries. Critical response was generally positive and it was nominated for a Grammy in the “Best Alternative Album” category. Depeche Mode also performed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in the Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles on 23 April 2009, The band headlined the Lollapalooza festival in 2010 and played a show at London’s Royal Albert Hall in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust, where former member Alan Wilder joined Martin Gore on stage for a performance of “Somebody”. In 2010, Depeche Mode also won the award for “Best International Group – Rock / Pop” at the ECHO Awards in Germany.

In 2011, the band released a remix compilation album, entitled Remixes 2: 81–11 that features remixes by former members Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder and remixes by Nick Rhodes, Röyksopp, Karlsson & Winnberg of Mike Snow, Eric Prydz, Clark and more.A new remix of “Personal Jesus” by Stargate, entitled “Personal Jesus 2011”, was released. Depeche Mode covered the U2 song “So Cruel” on the tribute album AHK-toong BAY-bi To mark the 20th anniversary of Achtung Baby, a 1991 album by U2. The compilation CD was released in 2011.in March 2013 Depeche Mode released Delta Machine, containing the songs “soothe My Soul” and”Heaven”. In March 2014, Depeche Mode won the award for “Best International Group – Rock / Pop” at the ECHO Awards in Germany. Also they were nominated at the category “Album des Jahres (national oder international)” for Delta Machine, but lost against Helene Fischer Farbenspiel.

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