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Wimbledon, Euro 2016, British Grand Prix

The Wimbledon Mens singles final for the 130th Wimbledon Championship took place Sunday 10 July 2016 between No.2 seed Andy Murray and No.6 seed Canada’s Milos Roanic after Roanic beat Roger Federer. Andy Murray eventually went on to claim his third Grand Slam title after he beat Milos Roanic




France 2–1 Romania
Albania 0–1 Switzerland
Romania 1–1 Switzerland
France 2–0 Albania
Romania 0–1 Albania
Switzerland 0–0 France
Wales 2–1 Slovakia
England 1–1 Russia
Russia 1–2 Slovakia
England 2–1 Wales
Russia 0–3 Wales
Slovakia 0–0 England
Poland 1–0 Northern Ireland
Germany 2–0 Ukraine
Ukraine 0–2 Northern Ireland
Germany 0–0 Poland
Ukraine 0–1 Poland
Northern Ireland 0–1 Germany
Turkey 0–1 Croatia
Spain 1–0 Czech Republic
Czech Republic 2–2 Croatia
Spain 3–0 Turkey
Czech Republic 0–2 Turkey
Croatia 2–1 Spain
Republic of Ireland 1–1 Sweden
Belgium 0–2 Italy
Italy 1–0 Sweden
Belgium 3–0 Republic of Ireland
Italy 0–1 Republic of Ireland
Sweden 0–1 Belgium
Austria 0–2 Hungary
Portugal 1–1 Iceland
Iceland 1–1 Hungary
Portugal 0–0 Austria
Iceland 2–1 Austria
Hungary 3–3 Portgul

Last 16

AETSwitzerland451 – 1Poland
FTWales1 – 0N.Ireland
AETCroatia0 – 1Portugal
FTFrance2 – 1Ireland
FTGermany3 – 0Slovakia
FTHungary0 – 4Belgium
FTItaly2 – 0Spain
FTEngland1 – 2 Wales

semi Finals

France 5-2 Germany

Portugal 2-0 Wales


Sunday 10 July 2016, Stade de France, Saint Denis Football stadium, Paris.

Portugal 1: France 0
After Extra time

The British Grand Prix took place Sunday 10 July 2016 at Silverstone. Here are the results:

1)Lewis Hamilton
2) Nico Rosberg
3) Max Verstappen
4) Daniel Ricciardo

Prior to the British Grand Prix the Formula One World Championship driver positions were:

Nico Rosberg
Lewis Hamilton
Sebastian Vettel
Kimmi Raikonnen
Daniel Ricciardio
Max Verstappen
Fernando Perez
Filippe Massa
Roman Grosjean
Carlos Sainz jnr
Nico Hulkenberg
Fernando Alonso
Jenson Button

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