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Disney’s classic fifth animated film Bambi was released 13 August 1942 in the United States. It concerns a recently born Fawn named Bambi who joins his new friends in the Springtime, a young rabbit named Thumper and a skunk kit named Flower who happily explore the woods. Bambi is also captivated with a Young doe named Faline, and also learns that his father is the Great Prince of the Forest.

However as Bambi, Thumper and Flower grow up, they discover that besides the delights of the forest, there are also many mortal dangers lurking, particularly in open meadows where hunters can see them and this ends in tragedy for Bambi’s Mother. Although fear and tragedy touch Bambi’s life, he learns how to survive in the forest with the help of his friends Thumper and Flower and lives to see another spring, which brings renewal to the forest and gradually he grows up and mates with Faline, and they produce the next generation of fawns until he himself eventually takes his place as the Great Prince of the Forest like his Father before him.

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