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Keep you close by Lucie Whitehouse

I would like to read Keep You Close by Lucie Whotehouse. The novel features a woman named Rowan Winter, who has not spoken to her former best friend Marianne Glass for ten years. However Marianne was once her closest companion, and the news of Marianne’s death is still a crushing blow. A renowned artist, Marianne allegedly fell from the roof of the same Oxford home where, years earlier, Rowan once considered herself an honorary member of the lively, intellectual Glass clan. Whitehouse (Before We Met, 2014, etc.) But something drove the two women apart that summer following college graduation and patriarch Seb Glass’ death?

Rowan is Encouraged by Marianne’s mother, Jacqueline, to attend the funeral, so Rowan, currently living in London, travels back in Oxford and retraces an estranged friend’s last days following her seemingly accidental death, Convinced that her friend, who’d always suffered from crippling vertigo, didn’t simply tumble off the roof. Rowan volunteers to housesit—an offer that Marianne’s grieving mother and brother gladly accept—and begins digging into Marianne’s final, haunting series of paintings, as well as her tabloid-fodder relationship with her gallerist. However Marianne isn’t the only one with secrets, there is someone infinitely more intriguing and darker than she lets on…

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