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Cometh the Hour (Clifton Chronicles 6) by Jeffrey Archer

Having read the previous novels in the Clifton Chronicles I would also like to read Cometh the Hour by Jeffrey Archer. This novel is the sixth and penultimate book in the Clifton Chronicles – a compelling saga that crisscrosses continents, featuring the exploits of Harry, Emma, Giles, Sebastian, Lady Virginia in a tale of friendship, betrayal, secrecy and maneuverings among the Clifton and the Barrington families.The saga begins in the backstreets of Bristol in 1919 when Harry Clifton was raised by his mother and uncle who worked for Barrington Shipping. Cometh the the hour follows on from The earlier titles in the series are: Only Time Will Tell (which is set between 1919-1940), The Sins of the Father (set between 1939-1945), Best Kept Secret (set between 1945-1957), Be Careful What You Wish For (set between 1957-1964) and Mightier than the Sword (set between 1964-1970).

In Cometh the Hour, Archer takes the story forward to the 1970s and sees Emma Clifton facing the possibility of defeat in a high stakes libel trial and the humiliation of having to stand down as chairman of Barrington’s. Then a letter is discovered which could win over the jury of seven men and five women. Harry Clifton is busy with the draft of Russian author Anatoly Babakov’s Uncle Joe, who is imprisoned in a gulag in Siberia. Meanwhile Lady Virginia Fenwick is up to her old devious tricks. The story also features former British Prime Minister and Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher of whom Emma was deeply in awe who plays a crucial part at one point. Elsewhere Sebastian Clifton falls in love with Priya, a very well-educated Indian woman who is working in London.

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