The Travelers by Chris Pavone

I would like to read The Travelers. This exciting fast-paced thriller by Chris Pavone picks up from The Expats and features globe-trotting travel writer Will Rhodes who’s done a bit of everything to land a story, including jumping from planes and otherwise endangering himself. While He is on assignment for Travelers magazine in the wine region of Argentina he is approached by a  mysterious sexy and beautiful woman who makes him an offer he can’t refuse “Won’t you join me for the superfluous drink you know you want?” she purrs, and one thing leads to another.

However this torrid tryst threatens to torpedo his comfortable existence, With evidence of his infidelity as leverage, the temptress, who calls herself Elle and poses as an Australian freelance wine writer blackmails and coerces the New York–based journalist for Travelers magazine into a string of dangerous covert ops during his assignments that increasingly, perplexingly, appear to target his Travelers colleagues, especially his boss, Malcolm Somers. Soon Will’s bad choices and dark secrets are taking him across Europe as he is drawn into a tangled web of international intrigue. As if the quagmire of lies and secrets into which he’s sinking wasn’t enough, Will begins to suspect that there is more to his smart, sexy wife, Chloe, and that she might also be leading something of a secret life herself….

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