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Pharaoh’s Curse by Clive Cussler

I would like to read the Pharoah’s Curse by Clive Cussler the latest exciting adventure story in the NUMA files series of novels, which has recently been released in paperback. It starts after a deadly poison is released On the remote Mediterranean island of Lampedusa when a mysterious ship runs aground, explodes and releases a poisonous black mist. The island’s inhabitants all fall dead where they stand, however someone manages to send a distress call before succumbing. Meanwhile ocean Archeologist and explorer Kurt Austin and the NUMA team are diving for antiquities when they pick up the call. As the only vessel for hundreds of miles, they attempt a rescue mission to rescue the survivors.

So Kurt and the NUMA team investigate to find out who might be responsible and Kurt idiscovers a ruthless powerbroker who will stop at nothing, who has discovered an ancient elixir buried deep beneath the Saharan desert in the City of the Dead. The elixir is made from a poisonous plant extract known as Black Mist and is so powerful that it is rumoured to take life from the living and restore it to the dead. He belongs to a mysterious organisation who are scheming to build a new Egyptian empire as glorious as those of the Pharaohs and are using the knowledge and power of the Ancient Egyptians to destabilize northern Africa.

Part of their plan rests on the manipulation of a newly discovered aquifer beneath the Sahara. So With the balance of power in Africa and Europe on the verge of tipping, Kurt, Joe, and the rest of the NUMA team have to fight to discover the truth behind the legends—but to do that, they have to confront in person the greatest legend of them all: Osiris, the ruler of the Egyptian underworld and If Kurt doesn’t find out how to stop them, millions of innocent people will die a horrifying death.

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