The Hobbit

hobbitI have recently watched Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy adaptation of The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien  which has been bulked up using Appendices from Lord of the Rings and The Unfinished Tales. It  concerns a home loving Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who is whisked away from the comforts of his home in Bag End, Hobbiton on a whirlwind adventure across middle Earth to help reclaim the the Lonely Mountain and the lost Dwarf kingdom of Erabor which was taken over by an evil dragon named Smaug. Aiding him on his quest is Gandalf the wizard, and a company of dwarfs named Thorin Oakenshield, Oin, Gloin, Nori, Ori, Dori, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Kili and Fili. Also Helping them on this perilous journey are , the Elves Lord Elrond and Lady Galadriel and the Wizards Saruman and Radagast, Gwaihir the windlord, the Eagles and Beorn the shape changer.

Along the way they encounter many hazards including a large pack of bloodthirsty Gundabad Orcs and Wargriders led by Azog the defiler, who killed Thorin’s Grandfather. They also narrowly avoid being eaten by trolls before being captured by Goblins led by the vile Goblin King in the Misty mountains, where Bilbo gets lost and meets a crafty and corrupted soul named Gollum who is carrying a powerful ring. After escaping from the Goblins they are again attacked by Azog the Defiler and his pack of Orcs and Wargs, however after some assistance from the Eagles and Beorn the shape shifter, they eventually enter the disorientating woodland realm of Mirkwood where they are captured at first by Spiders and then by the Elf Lord Thranduil and imprisoned so that they cannot get to Erabor and annoy the dragon. In Mirkwood they meet Legolas and Tauriel.

However Bilbo proves to be a resourceful fellow and thanks to his ingenuity they manage to escape from Mirkwood and arrive at Lake Esgaroth where they meet Bard the bowman, who finds out about Thorin’s mission and fears for the safety of Laketown should the Dwarfs get to Erabor and unwittingly wake the dragon up. So he reluctantly agrees to help them. They Arrive at Laketown which is run by the corrupt Master of Laketown and his Sycophantic sidekick Alfrid. After leaving Lake Town they make for Erabor where Bilbo manages to find a secret way into the kingdom. However he horrified to see that Smaug the dragon is alive and well, and Bilbo manages to antagonize him. After almost incinerating Bilbo and the company of Dwarves, Smaug then takes out his vengeful wrath on the innocent people of Lake Town. However Bard the Bowman discovers something which could defeat the dragon.

Elsewhere , after hearing rumors that a powerful Necromancer has moved into the supposedly abandoned fortress of Dol Guldur, Gandalf, Radagast, Saruman, Galadriel and Lord Elrond decide to visit, and are alarmed to see that Sauron the dark Lord and his nine followers have returned to Middle Earth and are raising an army of Orcs and other fell creatures to march on the Lonely Mountain and take over the worlds of Man, Dwarf and Elf.

Upon discovering that Thorin Oakenshield and a company of Dwarfs have successfully reached the dwarf kingdom of Erabor, the Woodland Elfs march on Erabor, led by King Thranduil, as do the men of Dale and Lake Town led by Bard, and the Dwarfs from the Iron Hills led by Thorin’s cousin Dain Ironfoot, who are all hoping for a share in the vast wealth of Erabor. However they discover that Sauron the Dark Lord has also sent forth legions of evil Orcs to destroy them all and Thorin Oakenshield pays a heavy price for his actions.


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