Blue and Lonesome by the Rolling Stones

The latest album by the Rolling Stones “Blue and Lonesome” is released on 2 December 2016. It is The Rolling Stone’s 23rd British and 25th American studio album and is entirely blues-based, consisting of covers of legendary blues artists such as Howlin’ Wolf, Memphis Slim, Willie Dixon, Buddy Johnson, Magic Sam and Little Walter.

It is their first studio release since 2005’s A Bigger Bang and is the band’s first album to feature only cover songs. “Just Your Fool”, a Little Walter cover, is the first single from the album. Eric Clapton has also contributed guitar on two tracks as he was recording his own album in the same studio as the Stones were and was invited to contribute. Keith Richards also stated that the album would feature “a lot of Chicago blues”.

“Just Your Fool” Buddy Johnson
“Commit a Crime” Howlin’ Wolf
“Blue and Lonesome” Memphis Slim
“All of Your Love” Magic Sam
“I Gotta Go” Little Walter
“Everybody Knows About My Good Thing”
“Ride ‘Em On Down” Eddie Taylor
“Hate to See You Go” Little Walter
“Hoo Doo Blues” Otis Hicks and Jerry West
“Little Rain” Ewart G. Abner Jr. and Jimmy Reed
“Just Like I Treat You” Willie Dixon
“I Can’t Quit You Baby” Willie Dixon

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