National Bird Day

House_SparrowNational Bird Day is an annual holiday which takes place on 5 January. The purpose of National Bird day is to check the health of the global bird population as this is a reflection of and early warning system for our wider ecological health. Current research indicates that up to 12% of all species of birds may be at risk of becoming extinct in the next century and National Bird Day aims to raise awareness of the plights faced by common and rare birds, from disease and environmental factors to illegal trade and welfare in captivity..

People can get involved in National Bird Day through birdwatching, studying birds, and other bird related activities. Many bird enthusiasts celebrate by adopting birds and educating future bird owners about the special issues involved with taking care of birds, including their “screaming, biting, constant cleanups, the need for daily interaction and a varied diet”. There are also bird drinking games including ‘bird date’ and other bird-related activities. Bird adoption is also a particularly important National Bird Day activity

Since 1979, bird lovers in the United Kingdom have also taken part in the annual Big Garden Birdwatch which is coordinated by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. This involves spending an hour counting the birds in your garden And gives scientists an insight into how well various species of birds are doing.


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