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Cradle and All by James Patterson

I am currently reading the Supernatural thriller Cradle and All by James Patterson. It features Pregnant teenage Newport Rhode Island resident Kathleen Beavier who finds herself plunged into a series of progressively more terrifying events after she finds herself inexplicably pregnant and visits an abortion clinic in Boston where she finds the surgeon dead under suspicious circumstances and Almost dies herself.

Meanwhile John Cardinal Rooney of the arch diocese of Boston despatches Anne Fitgerald a former Nun turned Private investigator to investigate a deadly outbreak of Polio which pushes mount Sinai hospital New York, An LA hospital and St. Catherine Hospital, Boston to the brink. Elsewhere famine sweeps India and Jordan, Ebola sweeps Egypt , civil war breaks out in the Middle East, an AIDS plague sweeps China. Earthquakes hit New Zealand and many other inexplicable deaths occur worldwide

Father Justin o’Carroll is also dispatched to investigate as is Dr Neil Shapiro and they discover that Kathleen Beavier is a virgin and that it is an immaculate conception, then Father Justin o’Carroll causes a media frenzy. Anne Fitzgerald discovers a arrogant good looking college student named James Jordan III may be hiding a sinister secret. Elsewhere HIS Holiness Pope Pious XIII at Vatican City also dies in suspicious circumstances but before his death he entrusts Father Nicholas Rosetti with some precious information concerning the mysterious and unexplained deadly worldwide outbreak of Polio, the Vatican papal conclave then chooses New pope Clement XVI.

Father Rosetti then visits Maam cross Galway, Ireland to investigate a second Immaculate conception and meets pregnant virgin Colleen Gallagher at the holy trinity for girls run by sister Katherine Dominica. However He mysteriously starts to feel seriously ill and is later involved in a plane crash, and it feels as if something sinister is trying to stop him. Then Father Rosetti goes to meet Kathleen and Anne goes to Ireland to meet Colleen. Tragedy strikes again when James Jordan dies in a car accident and Ida Walsh tries to kill Kathleen.

John Cardinal Rooney, Anne Fitzgerald and Father Nicholas Rosetti soon suspect something major is about to happen and Kathleen and Colleen find themselves in the midst of a terrifying fight between the forces of Good and Evil.

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