Sons of the Dragon, Song of Ice and Fire

Game of Thrones author George RR Martin is currently writing a new short story called Sons of the Dragon which set in his Westeros universe. It focuses on the bloody and incestuous Targaryen family history. The Sons of the Dragon will be published in a fantasy anthology called The Book of Swords in October. It will Chronicle the reigns of the second and third Targaryen kings, Aenys I and Maegor the Cruel, and explore what happened to their families, friends and enemies during their time in power. In the world of Westeros, both kings reigned roughly 250 years before the main storyline of Game of Thrones begins, when their descendent Daenerys begins her attempt to reclaim power.

In the Game of Thrones reference book The World of Ice and Fire, written in the voice of historian Yandel, Aenys I is described as being a dreamer, alchemist and womaniser. Weak and indecisive as a ruler, Aenys flees the throne in the midst of a religious uprising, spawned from the populace’s disgust at his having arranged the marriage of his son and daughter to one another. His half-brother, Maegor, (The Cruel) inherits the throne and embarks on a series of brutal acts of revenge on those who question his right to rule, using torture, execution and his enormous dragon to keep would-be dissenters in line. “His reign began with blood and ended in blood.” The Book of Swords anthology will be edited by Gardner Dozois. George R.R. Martin also intends to write a longer history book, called Fire and Blood and is currently writing the long-awaited sixth and seventh installments in the Song of Ice and Fire series, The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring.

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