I would like to watch Inferno which Is out on DVD. IT Is based on the exciting Dan Brown novel of the same name and features Tom Hanks as Harvard University professor and Cryptographer Robert Langdon who wakes up with amnesia in a hospital in Florence being treated by Doctor Sienna Brooks. Suddenly, a female assassin named Vayentha who has been following Robert, breaks into the hospital and tries to kill Robert. Luckily Sienna and Robert escape and Robert then finds a cylinder with a biohazard sign in his jacket and decides to call the U.S. consulate giving them his location. However he encounters Vayentha again and suspects theUS Government is also trying to clobber him.

Robert opens the container and finds a small medieval bone cylinder fitted with a hi-tech projector that displays a modified version of Botticelli’s Map of Hell. At the bottom of the illumination are the words “The truth can be glimpsed only through the eyes of death.” Robert and Sienna narrowly escape another attack and make for the Palazzo Vecchio of Florence believing the cylinder must have something to do with Dante. Pursued by Florentine police and Carabinieri officers they escape to the Boboli Gardens where Robert examines the modified map of Hell and discovers the word CATROVACER So consulting the original Botticelli “Map of Hell” he unscrambles the letters to reveal The words “CERCA TROVA”, which happen to be written on the painting The Battle of Marciano by Vasari, located in the Palazzo Vecchio.

At the Palazzo Vecchio, the Curator Marta Alvarez discovers that Dante’s death mask has also mysteriously disappeared from the museum and Robert learns that Ignazio recently died of a heart attack leaving Him the message “Paradise25” which Robert connects to the Florence Baptistry, where he and Sienna find the Dante mask along with a riddle from its current owner, a billionaire geneticist named Bertrand Zobriski who is rumored to be working on a means to prevent human overpopulation by using a genetically engineered disease.

Then A man named Jonathan Ferris, claiming to be from the World Health Organization (WHO), comes and helps them escape to Venice before suddenly falling unconcious and Robert is taken to meet Elizabeth Sinskey the Director General of the World Health Organisation where he learns that Zobrist, was a brilliant geneticist and Dante fanatic and had developed a new biological plague to solve overpopulation, citing the Doomsday Argument. They Discover that Zobrist was also involved with a shadowy group called The Consortium who were custodians of the Virus and discover a disturbing video. Robert discovers that Sinskey herself is involved in the conspiracy and that Sienna, Vayentha, and Ferris are all actors working for The Consortium who having become aware of the Bioterrorism plot have agreed to cooperate with the W.H.O. Then At the Tomb of Enrico Dandolo, at the Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul, The Consortium discover Sienna may knows where the plague is being kept. So Robert, the WHO, and The Consortium, team up to stop before the whole world is infected by Zobrist’s Virus or it is used for Biological Weapon Research or put to any other nefarious use.


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