Never Go Back

Having read the book Never go Back by Lee Child i would like to watch the exciting fast-paced American Espionage Crime Thriller “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” which is out on DVD. It is based on the Lee Child novel of the same name. It stars Tom Cruise as former military investigator turned vigilante drifter Jack Reacher (who, in the novel, is described as 6’5 with Blonde hair?) who returns to his old military headquarters to meet Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders), with whom he has been working  during his travels – only to learn from Colonel Sam Morgan that Turner has been accused of espionage by Turner’s attorney, Colonel Bob Moorcroft, and has been implicated in the murders of two soldiers in Afghanistan, However Reacher believes she is being framed.

Moorcroft then reveals an old acquaintance of Reacher, Candice Dutton, has filed a paternity suit against him, claiming he is the biological father of her 15-year-old daughter, Samantha Dutton. Unfortunately Moorcroft is killed by an unknown assassin and Reacher is framed for Moorcroft’s murder and arrested and transported to the same prison where Turner is being detained. Assassins then arrive to kill her, but Reacher intervenes and rescues her and they escape to Colonel Morgan’s house. However the assassin, is revealed to be working with Morgan, kills Morgan and frames Reacher.

Reacher and Turner soon realise Samantha could also be in danger, and arrive at her home to find her foster parents dead and Samantha hiding in the kitchen. Reacher and Turner decide to escort Samantha to Turner’s old private school for protection, however the enemy has been tracking her.  Reacher, Turner and Samantha travel to New Orleans in search of Daniel Prudhomme, the only eye-witness to the murders for which Turner has been framed. They find him in a derelict warehouse filled with drug addicts and learn that Prudhomme is connected to Parasource, a private military organization that is trying to cover up the murders. Reacher contacts Turner’s friend, Captain Anthony Espin, concerning Prudhomme but they are ambushed by assassins and Prudhomme is killed. Reacher rescues Espin and learns that the assassins are Parasource contractors. Parasource’s CEO, General James Harkness, then sends the hunter to capture Samantha.

Reacher and Turner, along with Espin, acting on information provided by Prudhomme, intercept a flight of weapons due to enter the country, and confront Harkness and his men and accuse them of corruption. Upon opening the crates, however, Espin find weapons as declared in the flight manifest. Before Turner can be re-arrested, Reacher opens up one of weapons and discovers that they are filled with opium. They learn that Harkness framed Turner, who had been investigating his activities, for the murders of two soldiers who discovered that Harkness was selling weapons to insurgents and smuggling drugs into the United States. Meanwhile The hunter and his men chase Samantha through the streets to lure Reacher into a confrontation eventually capturing Samantha and threatening to kill her, until Reacher confronts the hunter in an exciting showdown.


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