Malicious by James Patterson

I would also like to read Malicious, another exciting, fast-paced novella in James Patterson’s book-Shots series of short stories. It features Failed Navy SEAL turned Private Investigator Robert Mitchum, who is at home in Marlboro, NY delivering newspapers for a living and acting as the small town’s unofficial private investigator. Meanwhile His brother Natty, a drug dealer, of which Mitchum does not approve, in nearby Newburgh, is accused of murdering his friend Petey Stahl, a high school classmate of the brothers and fellow drug dealer. Natty swears he is innocent and asks Mitchum for his help in exhonorating him and finding Petey’s real murderer. Then Natty reveals that he is also involved with Petey’s wife, which complicates matters somewhat

After talking to another drug dealer, Mitchum learns that Pete had interrupted a drug deal involving a new method of making Crystal meth. This netted Pete and his partners $650,000 and the formula. This is also what could have got him killed, but who pulled the trigger and Where is the money and the formula? Mitchum jumps into the investigation threatening to break every rule to expose the truth no matter what the cost.

Never Never by James Patterson

I would also like to read Never Never, one of the latest intriguing and exciting thrillers by James Patterson. It Features sex-crimes detective Harriet (Harry) Blue who is summoned to her boss’ office in Sydney to be told her brother has been implicated in the gruesome Georges River Murder case, which has attracted much attention in the Sydney area. So Blue’s superior, Chief Morris, quietly dispatches her incognito to the Australian Outback to Bandya Mine to participate in an investigation of a missing miner named Danny Carter. So she is Paired with Edward ‘Whitt’ Whittacker , a man with secrets of his own, and sent to investigate.

Bandya Mine turns out to be a seedy place, full of money and immoral ways to spend it. The workers maintain that the mine employees who disappeared, grew tired of the isolation and chose to return to civilisation. Then the boot of one minor turns up, foot still lodged inside, forensic testing proves that he was dead before the foot left the body. However as Blue and Whitt investigate, the Head of Security, mining staff, the protesters seeking to close down the mine and the local prostitutes all seem curiously reluctant to cooperate . Then as they delve deeper into the murky lives of these miners, they discover that Danny isn’t the first to go missing and it up to them to find out what happened to them.

Meanwhile Lurking in the shadows, the killer, using the moniker The Soldier, stalks their prey and waits for the dead of night before striking. When the bodies of the missing are found down a makeshift shaft, Blue and Whitt realise the killer could be within the mining compound, and the barren nature of the surrounding area, dubbed Never Never, could mean it is someone they encounter regularly without realising it. Then more employees go missing, and Blue and Whitt continue to be stalked, they realise they must catch this sadistic killer before more people are murdered.

Sycamore Row by John Grisham

I would like to read Sycamore Row by John Grisham. It is the sequel to A Time to Kill and The title refers to a row of sycamore trees in the countryside near the fictional town of Clanton, in fictional Ford County, Mississippi. The story begins three years after the sensational events in the trial of Carl Lee Hailey (A Time to Kill). An employee of the rich recluse Seth Hubbard is asked to meet his boss but discovers he has hanged himself from the tree because his terminal lung cancer had become too painful. Accompanying the body are very specific funeral and burial instructions.

Jake Brigance, Carl Lee’s former attorney receives a letter sent by Hubbard just before he kills himself, containing a new holographic will that renounces a will he filed the year before in which he leaves all his assets to his daughter and son as well as his grandchildren. In this new will, Hubbard stipulates that his children will receive nothing. Instead, five percent will be given to the local church and another five percent will be left to his long-disappeared brother, Ancil Hubbard. The remaining ninety percent is to be given to his black housekeeper Letitia “Lettie” Lang. Further instructions stipulate that the will must not be filed for probate until after Seth’s funeral ensuring that his greedy children, who rarely visited him during his bout with cancer, will ultimately be left with nothing.

Seth chose Jake because of his track record and Soon, Jake finds out that Seth Hubbard had earned more than $20 million in a lumber mill business without telling anyone in the town of Clanton. Predictably Seth Hubbard’s children contest their father’s new holographic will by claiming he was not capable when filing it, igniting a hotly contested court battle with many twists and turns. Jake must prevent the trial from becoming racially motivated. Jake hopes the jury might rule for Lettie on the case’s own merits, i.e. that Seth Hubbard made his money himself and had the right to leave it to whoever he wanted and that he knew what he was doing when changing his will.

However a rabble-rousing black lawyer from Memphis, who goes to Clanton, involves himself in the case and compromises it with his provocative acts. Then, Lettie’s husband, with whom she is on bad terms, kills two teens while driving drunk. As The trial progresses Jake builds his case, and Lettie’s own testimony makes a good impression on the jury and Jake manages to discredit the testimonies of Seth Hubbard’s children that they were close during his illness. However, the opposing lawyer produces a surprise witness, whose testimony suggests Lettie coerced Seth into leaving the money then another surprise witness, a former black female employee with whom Seth Hubbard had sexual relations comes forward, implying that Lettie had also slept with Hubbard.

Then a sensational deposition is given by Hubbard’s long-lost brother Ancil. Ancil, who had a very traumatic childhood, had left Ford County and joined the U.S. Navy at the age of 17, vowing never to return who has led an adventurous and often criminal life around the world under a variety of assumed names, until finally being located as a bartender in Juno, Alaska. The disbarred Lucien, Jake’s friend and ex-partner who is an alcoholic goes to Alaska and manages to obtain Ancil’s recorded testimony. Ancil Hubbard explains why Seth Hubbard left the money to his housekeeper and the significance of the sycamore tree from which Mr. Hubbard hanged himself.

They learn that In the 1920s, Lettie’s grandfather Sylvester, whom she never knew, owned a considerable plot of land causing much resentment in his violent and aggressive neighbor, Cleon Hubbard, who laid a claim to Sylvester’s land. However, Sylvester had an unassailable title to the land, which was registered by the family during the Reconstruction period when federal troops, present in the South in the aftermath of the Civil War. Having failed in court, Cleon Hubbard resorts to alternative methods. Sylvester is falsely accused of a crime and a lynch mob hanged him from a sycamore tree. This Horrified His sons Ancil and Seth, who did not share their father’s prejudice. Then, Cleon Hubbard intimidates Esther, Lettie’s grandmother, and forces her to sign away the family’s ownership for a pittance, with a promise that she could continue residing on the property. However, the promise is promptly broken, and Cleon and the sheriff then expel the entire extended family and destroy the small black community which had been known as “Sycamore Row.” With Esther, only just escaping.

Nancy Wilson (Heart)

Nancy Wilson the American singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer with the Seattle/Vancouver rock band Heart was born on this day 16th March in 1954 and she and her sister, Ann, grew up in Southern California and Taiwan before moving to the Seattle suburb of Bellevue. Nancy finished high school, then attended Pacific University in Oregon and Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where she majored in art and German literature. She then played solo gigs until 1974 when she quit college and moved to Canada to join her older sister Ann and lead guitarist Roger Fisher, to become the core of the Rock band Heart.

While Ann is the lead singer on the majority of the Heart recordings, Nancy is the lead vocalist on notable tracks like “Treat Me Well”, “These Dreams“, “Stranded“, “There’s the Girl”, and “Will You Be There (In the Morning)” and frequently performs background and harmony vocals on other great songs like Alone and Never Nancy is the band’s rhythm and lead guitarist. In 1999 Nancy Wilson released the solo live album, Live at McCabe’s Guitar Shop.

Nancy Wilson married film director and former Rolling Stone writer Cameron Crowe and she has played a role in composing music for most of Crowe’s films including Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous, Vanilla Sky, and Elizabethtown. She had cameo roles in Crowe’s The Wild Life (1984) as David’s wife and Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) credited as “Beautiful Girl in Car”. In 1990, she also contributed to the Say Anything… soundtrack with “All for Love”


Leena Peisa (A.K.A Awa) the Keyboard Player with Finnish hard rock/heavy metal band Lordi was also born on this day 16th March in 1979. Lordi were formed in 1996 by the band’s lead singer, songwriter and costume-designer, Mr. Lordi. The band is known for wearing monster masks and using pyrotechnics during concerts. They rose to domestic success with their 2002 single, “Would You Love a Monsterman?”. Lordi made history in 2006 by winning the Eurovision Song Contest with a record 292 points, becoming the first Finnish performer to win the contest.

Lordi were also featured on the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards in Copenhagen when the band’s frontman, Mr. Lordi, presented the award for rock. They were also the closing act, playing their single “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. They also performed on Britain’s Making Your Mind Up for the Eurovision Song Contest. Lordi performed on the main stage at Ozzfest 2007 and later that year toured with Type O Negative and Twin Method until Halloween night.