Never Never by James Patterson

I would also like to read Never Never, one of the latest intriguing and exciting thrillers by James Patterson. It Features sex-crimes detective Harriet (Harry) Blue who is summoned to her boss’ office in Sydney to be told her brother has been implicated in the gruesome Georges River Murder case, which has attracted much attention in the Sydney area. So Blue’s superior, Chief Morris, quietly dispatches her incognito to the Australian Outback to Bandya Mine to participate in an investigation of a missing miner named Danny Carter. So she is Paired with Edward ‘Whitt’ Whittacker , a man with secrets of his own, and sent to investigate.

Bandya Mine turns out to be a seedy place, full of money and immoral ways to spend it. The workers maintain that the mine employees who disappeared, grew tired of the isolation and chose to return to civilisation. Then the boot of one minor turns up, foot still lodged inside, forensic testing proves that he was dead before the foot left the body. However as Blue and Whitt investigate, the Head of Security, mining staff, the protesters seeking to close down the mine and the local prostitutes all seem curiously reluctant to cooperate . Then as they delve deeper into the murky lives of these miners, they discover that Danny isn’t the first to go missing and it up to them to find out what happened to them.

Meanwhile Lurking in the shadows, the killer, using the moniker The Soldier, stalks their prey and waits for the dead of night before striking. When the bodies of the missing are found down a makeshift shaft, Blue and Whitt realise the killer could be within the mining compound, and the barren nature of the surrounding area, dubbed Never Never, could mean it is someone they encounter regularly without realising it. Then more employees go missing, and Blue and Whitt continue to be stalked, they realise they must catch this sadistic killer before more people are murdered.


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