I am about to start reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. It concerns a young businessman named Richard Mayhew who stops to help a mysterious young girl who appears before him, bleeding and weakened, as he walks with his fiancée to dinner to meet her influential boss. The morning after Richard rescued the girl, named Door, from the streets, she informs him that she is escaping from two infamous and seemingly inhuman assassins, named Croup and Vandemar, and sends him to find the Marquis de Carabas to help. Then the Marquis and Door, mysteriously vanish. Richard also becomes invisible and loses his job, where no one seems to recognise him, and his apartment is rented out.

So Richard tries to enter the world of London Below in search of Door. He finds a tramp from Below, who brings Richard to the realm of the Rat-Speakers, who worship and perform tasks for rats, they attempt to assault and rob Richard. So He then travels across the mysterious Night’s Bridge, whose darkness kills Richard’s Rat-Speaker friend and guide, Anaesthesia. Eventually he arrives to the Floating Market, a giant bazaar where people barter for all manner of magical items. He is reunited with Door at the Floating Market, and They are joined by The legendary bodyguard and fighter “Hunter”. So Door, the Marquis,Hunter and Richard set off for The Earls Court and must travel through the Angelus in the British Museum in order to reach the Angel Islington, who is the protector of London Below. He tells Door he will help her if She and her company retrieve a unique key from the Black Friars.

The two return to Hunter at the Museum. Meanwhile the Marquis seeks out Croup and Vandemar, exchanging a priceless Tang dynasty figurine for information regarding the murder of Door’s family. However Croup and Vandemar kill the Marquis. Upon meeting the Black Friars, Door, Richard and Hunter are faced with a series of three ordeals; Hunter wins a test of strength, Door wins a test of intellect, and Richard, alone in history, wins a test of character. The three gain the key and return to the Floating Market, where Hammersmith, a blacksmith friend of Door’s secretly forges a copy of the key won by Richard. Richard then enlists the mysterious Lamia, one of the vampire-like Velvets as a guide to the angel’s residence.

Door, Richard, Lamia, and Hunter travel on Down Street, elsewhere the Marquis’ body is revived by Old Bailey and the Marquis sets off after Door, Richard, Hunter and Lamia, who turns out to be really untrustworthy. Then Hunter betrays Door and takes her to Croup and Vandemar, in exchange for the magical spear she needs to hunt and slay the great Beast of London. So Croup, Vandemar and Door travel, toward the great labyrinth through which they need to pass to reach Islington, with Richard, the Marquis, and Hunter not far behind. In the labyrinth they confront the Beast of London and also learn that Islington has been using them all in order to get revenge on the other Angels for his banishment. Then Croup and Vandemar, coerce Door into opening the door to Heaven, and things get very exciting…