The Twenty Three by Linwwod Barclay

Having read Far from True, Broken Window and A Tap on the Window I would like to read The Twenty Three. This novel is the concluding part of Linwood Barclays exciting Promise Falls thriller series.

It starts quietly in the troubled town of Promise Falls Suddenly A dark cloud of suspicion and fear hangs over Promise Falls when people suddenly start inexplicably dying in the street. The local hospital and Emergency Services, are soon overwhelmed by the influx of patients and are baffled by the cause and don’t know wether it is mass food poisoning, a virus or something more sinister. This series of bizarre ominously threatening incidents suggest that someone is plotting revenge on the town but despite the Police best efforts the perpetrator remains unknown.

Enter Detective Barry Duckworth, who is already investigating two murders and an explosion at the Drive In Cinema in Promise Falls. He is tasked with investigating the attacks and starts to wonder whether they are somehow connected to the mysterious incidents currently occurring in Promise Falls, which all seem to be somehow connected to the number Twenty Three.


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