Without fail by Lee Child

I would like to read Without Fail by Lee Child, the sixth political thriller featuring, Jack Reacher, a former military police major in early middle age, who grew up as a well-traveled Army brat and subsequently spent 18 years overseas in the military police, and has a parochial view of the country he served. Now a rootless and reluctant civilian, he finds himself back in America, seeing his country for the first time with an immigrant’s eye.

Jack Reacher arrives in Atlantic City, New Jersey from California after hitching a ride with a couple of aging musicians. Meanwhile former North Dakota senator and Vice-President Elect Brook Armstrong starts receiving death threats and the Secret Service suspects that one of their own agents may be behind them so they decide to get an outsider to investigate. So M.E. (Mary Ellen) Froelich, a beautiful agent from the United States Secret Service is dispatched by her boss Stuyvesant to locate former Military Policeman Jack Reacher. Reacher accepts the job but figures he needs someone to watch his back, so he calls up old army buddy Frances Neagley, now running a security outfit out of Chicago. Neagley is as tough as Reacher and twice as sex.

Froelich considers Reacher the perfect candidate to assassinate the vice president of the United States. Theoretically, of course, So Froelich asks Reacher how he would go about killing the Vice-President-Elect and find any potential holes in the defence of the Vice-President, as Countering these would help in the protection of the Vice-President-Elect. So with the help of old Army colleague Frances Neagley, Reacher attempts to find the ones responsible before they can carry out the assassination. Then While working together, Reacher and Froelich begin a relationship, but Reacher realizes she is still in love with his deceased brother, Joe. After Froelich takes a bullet meant for her protectee, Reacher swears vengeance against the still unknown attackers….

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