American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I would like to read American Gods by Neil Gaiman. It features a taciturn convict named Shadow who is released from prison early when his wife, Laura Moon, and best friend Robbie Burton die in a car accident, leaving him alone in the world. Bereaved, he takes a job as a bodyguard for a mysterious conman, Mr. Wednesday. Shadow and Wednesday travel across America visiting Wednesday’s unusual colleagues and acquaintances until Shadow learns that Wednesday is in fact an incarnation of Odin the All-Father. Wednesday is recruiting Old Gods of ancient mythology, to participate in an epic battle against the New American Gods – manifestations of modern life and technology, such as the Internet, media, and modern means of transport. Shadow meets many gods and magical creatures, including Mr. Nancy (Anansi), Czernobog, and a leprechaun named Mad Sweeney who gives Shadow a magical gold coin. However most of the Old Gods are reluctant to get involved in a fight with the New Gods.

Then The New Gods abduct Shadow but Laura rescues him, Wednesday hides Shadow with a few stray Egyptian gods (Thoth, Anubis, Bast, Mr. Jacquel, and a common brown housecat) who run a funeral parlor in the tranquil town of Lakeside, Illinois. Shadow meets many other colorful locals in Lakeside including Hinzelmann, an old-timer who spins tall tales, and Chad Mulligan, the local chief of police. However Shadow suspects something is not quite right about the town. Which seems to prosper While neighbouring communities turn into ghost towns. children also disappear regularly . Shadow travels across America with Wednesday, whilst trying to avoid the Men in Black and meets Johnny Appleseed and Easter until the New Gods murder Wednesday. So The Old Gods rally behind a common banner to face their enemies in battle.

In the afterlife Shadow meets Thoth and Anubis. Easter later brings him back to life. During his time between life and death, he discovers Mr. World is secretly Low-key (Loki) Lyesmith and that Odin and Loki have been causing trouble. Loki Used Odin’s murder to cause a battle between the New and Old Gods so that Loki would be able to feed on the chaos of the battle, So Shadow travels to Rock City, to try and stop the battle.

Shadow then returns to Lakeside, and tries to discover the town’s secret, the reason for the missing children and Hinzelmann’s true identity . The book also features many other weird and wonderful characters including: The Queen of Sheba , the first Viking explorers and a Cornish woman who inadvertently populated America with pixies and fairies. The book has also been made into a Television series.


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