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Severn Valley Railway Spring Diesel Gala

The Severn Valley Railway Spring Diesel Gala takes place between 18 May and 20 May. The event, and theme, will mark the 30th anniversary of the first Severn Valley Railway Diesel Gala. Additionally, the festival will celebrate two other milestones: the 40th anniversary of the last Class 52 runs on British Railways, and the 25th anniversary of the first Class 50 runs on the SVR.The Severn Valley Railway held its first diesel gala in May 1987. Over the years an impressive and diverse array of visiting diesel locomotives have appeared at the SVR including class 14, class 88, class 50, class 52, class 55, class 45, class 37, class 47, class 20 and class 33. To mark 30 years of Diesel Galas on the Severn Valley Railway, a 100 minute DVD featuring 90 different locos in action is being released to coincide with this years Spring Diesel Gala.

Visiting Locomotives appearing at the event will include Class 14 No. D9551 diesel-hydraulic locomotive. These received the nickname “Teddy Bear” following a comment by Swindon Works’ foreman George Cole who quipped “We’ve built the Great Bear, now we’re going to build a Teddy Bear!”. heritage diesel locomotives Class 20s No. 20189 & No. 20205 With thanks to Michael Owen. Class 31 No. 31271 courtesy A1A Locomotives Ltd. Class 33 No. 33035 courtesy of The Pioneer Diesel Group. Class 33 No. 33108 courtesy of Class 33/1 Preservation Company. Class 45 No. 45041 Royal Tank Regiment courtesy of Peak Locomotive Co Ltd. Class 45 No. 45060 Sherwood Forester courtesy of The Pioneer Diesel Group. Class 47 No. 47192 courtesy of Crewe Heritage Trust. Class 47 No. 47828 Courtesy of D05 Preservation Ltd & Dartmoor Railway. Class 50 No. 50008 Thunderer courtesy of Garcia Hanson. Class 55 No. 55022 Royal Scots Grey Courtesy of Martin Walker. Class 60 No. 60xxx courtesy ofDB Cargo UK. Class 66 No. 667xx, Class 73 No. 73107 and Class 73 No. 73965 courtesy of GBRf and Class 88 Diesel Electric Locomotive No. 88xxx courtesy of DRS which will be making the first ever public passenger runs.

The visiting locomotives will be supported by the home fleet, including: No. D2961, No. D3586, No. D4100 or No. 12099, Class 14 No. D9551, Class 50s No. 50031 Hood, No. 50035 Ark Royal and No. 50049 Defiance, Class 52s No. D1015 Western Champion and No. D1062 Western Courier. and There is also a Mixed traction day on 21 May.

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