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Private Gold by James Patterson

I would like to read Private Gold, the latest in James Patterson’s exciting Book Shots series of short pacy novels. It is designed to be read in one sitting and is the latest in Patterson’s Private series of novels featuring Private Investigator Jack Morgan, who is the owner of of the worldwide Private Detective agency for wealthy and privileged clients who don’t trust the police and want a bit of discretion.

The latest office Private Johannesburg was set up by Joey Montague with US Owner Jack Morgan. However Private Johannesburg is in crisis and the boss Joey Montague has decided to close it down, following the tragic apparent suicide of his partner, Khosi now Joey intends to scale down the investigation agency until He can recover from this devastating loss.

However just As he is loading the removal van, Joey receives a call from an American woman who has just landed in the city and needs his help. So on behalf of Private Johannesburg Joey accepts the job of protecting this nervous visiting American tourist. However all is not what it seems–and neither is his partner’s death and Joey soon finds his life in danger when what at first seems to be a simple protection job becomes a matter of life and death, not just for his client, but for Joey himself.

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