I have recently watched the fantastic American crime thriller Heat starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Val Kilmer. Heat was written, produced and directed by Michael Mann, and is based on the former Chicago police officer Chuck Adamson’s pursuit during the 1960s of a criminal named McCauley, after whom De Niro’s character is named. Heat is a remake of L.A. Takedown.

De Niro plays Neil McCauley, a professional thief, while Pacino plays Lt. Vincent Hanna, a LAPD robbery-homicide detective tracking down McCauley’s crew. It starts when McCauley and his crew, Chris Shiherlis, Michael Cheritto, and Trejo, hire Waingro to help them rob $1.6 million in bearer bonds from an armored car. However During the heist, Waingro impulsively kills a guard, infuriating McCauley. Later, as they attempt to kill Waingro, he escapes. McCauley’s fence, Nate, suggests he sell the stolen bonds back to their original owner, money launderer Roger Van Zant. Van Zant agrees, however he instructs his men to ambush McCauley at the meeting. McCauley survives the ambush and vows revenge against Van Zant.

Meanwhile LAPD Lieutenant Vincent Hanna, working with Sergeant Drucker and Detectives Sammy Casals, Mike Bosko, and Danny Schwartz, investigate the heist and identify McCauley’s crew as the perpetrators. They discover their next target to be a precious metals depository. The unit stakes out the depository and observe the crime in progress. However McCauley abandons the burglary and his crew escape. Despite the increased police surveillance, McCauley’s crew agrees to one last brazen bank robbery worth $12 million to secure their financial futures. Waingro approaches Van Zant with information about eliminating McCauley’s crew. Then Hanna meets McCauley Both men state their mutual respect for each other but reaffirm their commitment to their work and to using lethal force if necessary to stop the other.

McCauley’s crew evade capture. When Trejo withdraws from the robbery, McCauley recruits ex-convict Donald Breedan into the crew. Hanna’s unit receives a confidential tip and interrupt McCauley’s crew in the middle of their bank robbery. In the ensuing gunfight, several police officers, including Bosko, are killed, while McCauley’s crew loses Breedan and Cheritto. Shiherlis is wounded, but escapes with McCauley. McCauley leaves Shiherlis with a doctor amd discovers Trejo near death. Trejo reveals that Waingro alerted Van Zant to their plans, and he subsequently informed the police. So McCauley kills Van Zant at his home.

Hanna orders police surveillance on Waingro and leaks his location to criminal channels, suspecting McCauley will attempt to kill him before leaving town. Meanwhile Shiherlis’ estranged wife Charlene is detained by police and threatened with criminal charges unless she betrays Shiherlis to police. However Charlene surreptitiously warns Shiherlis and he escapes. Hanna finds Lauren unconscious in his hotel room from a suicide attempt and rushes her to the hospital. Hanna’s hunch about McCauley is later proved right when he decides to risk his freedom to kill Waingro. However Hanna is not far behind and he chases McCauley In an exciting cat-and-mouse shootout.


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