Iwould like to watch the film Dunkirk, a harrowing epic real life story of heroism and bravery against seemingly impossible odds. The film was written, co-produced and directed  by Christopher Nolan and stars Fionn Whitehead, Tom Glynn-Carney, Jack Lowden, Harry Styles, Aneurin Barnard, James D’Arcy, Barry Keoghan, Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy. The film is Set in 1940 during the Dunkirk evacuation in World War II which followed after the invasion of France by Nazi Germany, and saw thousands of Allied soldiers retreated to the seaside city of Dunkirk awaiting evacuation. The film is split into three interconnected stories: one beginning on land and covering one week, one on the sea and covering one day, and one in the air covering one hour.

i. The Mole
Part one sees Tommy, a young British private, come under fire from unseen German soldiers in Dunkirk. On reaching the beach, he finds British and allied troops awaiting evacuation. He meets Gibson, another young soldier, who appears to be burying a friend. After a German air attack, they discover a wounded man and evacuate him but are denied passage themselves, However the ship is attacked as it departs. in the chaos they save another soldier, Alex and get on another departing boat that night, but this is sunk by a torpedo from a U-boat. Gibson saves Tommy and Alex and they make their way back to shore. Meanwhile Commander Bolton and Colonel Winnant take stock. In London Prime Minister Winston Churchill states his commitment to evacuating 30,000 soldiers. In order to evacuate more men the navy has requisitioned smaller civilian vessels which can sail up closer to the beac. The next day, they join a group of Scottish soldiers And discover a grounded fishing trawler belonging to a dutch seaman which gets damaged by Nazi Paratrooper and The bullet riddled hull makes escape difficult.

Alex suspects Gibson is a German spy, however Tommy defends him, Gibson then reveals that he is in fact French, and had stolen the identity of the soldier hoping to be evacuated with the British. Sadly the boat gradually sinks and the men abandon ship, except for Gibson, who becomes tangled in a chain and drowns. Alex and Tommy swim for a nearby minesweeper, but this is sunk by a German bomber. Mr Dawson’s boat arrives and rescues them. They cross the English Channel, see the coast of Dorset, and are placed on a train. Alex and Tommy expect that their retreat will earn them the scorn of the British public; instead, they receive a hero’s welcome. Meanwhile Commander Bolton watches as the last British soldiers are evacuated.

ii. The Sea
Meanwhile The Royal Navy is commandeering private boats to participate in the evacuation. Mr. Dawson cooperates without question, but rather than let a navy crew take his boat, he and his son Peter take her out themselves; their teenage hand George impulsively joins them as they leave, hoping to do something noteworthy. As they head towards Dunkirk, Mr. Dawson points out three Spitfires flying overhead. They encounter a shell-shocked soldier on a wrecked ship, the sole survivor of a U-boat attack, and take him aboard. Dawson makes for Dunkirk rather than to England. They see a Spitfire ditch in the ocean, so Dawson decides to rescue the pilot. They pull the pilot Collins from the plane as it sinks and discover that Peter’s older brother was also a Hurricane pilot, who was killed. They then encounter a minesweeper under attack from a German bomber. Dodging weapons fire they attempt to rescue the troops from the sinking ship, and pull as many survivors aboard as they can take, among them Alex and Tommy. As the boat fills with men, the Dawsons learn that George has died.

iii. The Air

Three Spitfires – piloted by Farrier, Collins, and their squadron leader – head across the English Channel to provide air support to the troops waiting at Dunkirk, knowing that the time they can spend there is limited by their fuel. Although Farrier’s fuel gauge malfunctions, he continues. They encounter a Luftwaffe plane, which shoots down the squadron leader. Farrier assumes command, and they continue towards France. They shoot down a plane in their next skirmish, but Collins’s plane is damaged and he is forced to ditch in the Channel, so Farrier continues alone…


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