Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

The science fiction film Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 was released in U.K cinema 5 August 1966. It stars Bernard Cribbins as Tom Campbell, a London Special Constable, Who tries to prevent a burglary at a jewellery shop. Running to what appears to be a nearby police box to call for backup Tom encounters Dr. Who, (Peter Cushing) with his niece Louise and his granddaughter Susan in their time-machine the TARDIS,

The Doctor pilots the TARDIS forward in time to 2150, where they find that London is now an empty landscape of demolished buildings. And discover that The evil Daleks, one-time adversaries of the Doctor, have invaded Earth and ravaged entire continents, while humanity’s remnants have formed underground resistance movement. Some captured humans have been turned into brainwashed slaves called Robomen, but the majority have been taken to the Dalek mining complex in Bedfordshire, where the aliens’ excavations extend to the core of the Earth. Louise and Susan are taken in by a group of rebels based in the London Underground, led by Wyler, David, and the wheelchair-bound Dortmun. Meanwhile, Tom and the Doctor are captured by a squad of Robomen and taken on board a Dalek spaceship, where they are placed in a cell with a man called Craddock. Then While Doctor, Tom and Craddock undergo the conversion procedure into Robomen, the rebels attack, During the battle, the Doctor flees with David while Tom and Louise and stow away in a deserted part of the ship. The Daleks escape and take off for the Bedford mine with few prisoner losses.

Outnumbered by Daleks the Rebel Wyler retreats and returns to the rebel hideout, where Dortmun and Susan are waiting. The group commandeer a van to rendezvous with any remaining survivors in Watford, but Dortmun is killed by a Dalek patrol and Wyler and Susan are forced to flee. Wyler and Susan set off for the Bedford mine. David and the Doctor are also heading for the same destination, but are confronted by Brockley, an unscrupulous smuggler. When The spaceship touches down at the mine Tom and Louise exit the craft and take refuge. Elsewhere Wyler and Susan shelter at a hut owned by a pair of spinsters who repair slave workers’ clothes in return for freedom and food. However, the women betray them to the Daleks. David and the Doctor are brought into the mine by Brockley, and are reunited with Tom and Louise. A miner named Conway, reveals that the Daleks are planning to drop a bomb into their mineshaft to punch out the Earth’s core, which will be replaced with a giant motor enabling the aliens to pilot Earth to their home world of Skaro.

However, The Doctor discovers a convergence point between the North and South Magnetic Poles and deduces that, if the bomb were deflected the explosion’s magnetic energy could defeat the Daleks. So the Doctor thinks of a plan. However Brockley betrays the Doctor to the Daleks. The treacherous Brockley then tries to escape himself, but is killed by Daleks. In the mineshaft, Tom and Conway confront Craddock who is now a Roboman. Meanwhile the Doctor is sent to the Dalek command centre for extermination and discovers Wyler and Susan. After distracting the Daleks, Wyler programs the Robomen to turn against the Daleks And all hell breaks loose. Doctor escapes with Wyler and Susan, while the slave workers flee from the mine. The Daleks manage to release their bomb into the shaft, with explosive results.


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