Black Grape -Pop Voodoo








I am currently listening to Black Grape’s latest album Pop Voodoo. Black Grape are comprised of former members of Happy Mondays and Ruthless Rap Assassins. Their musical style fuses funk and electronic rock with electronic programming and samples. The band was formed in 1993 by former Happy Mondays members Shaun Ryder and Bez. It was Ryder’s first musical project after the disintegration of Happy Mondays due both to his multiple drug addictions and to disagreements about revenues with other band members. The formation of the new band was intended to draw a line between his past life and his new one. Ryder and Bez recruited rappers Paul “Kermit” Leveridge and Carl “Psycho” McCarthy, drummer Ged Lynch (like Leveridge, a former member of Ruthless Rap Assassins), and guitarist Wags (formerly of the Manchester-based group the Paris Angels) and Oli “Dirtycash” Dillon on ocarina.

In 1995 Black Grape Released their debut album It’s Great When You’re Straight…Yeah. Which included he songs Kelly’s Heroes” – a song lampooning society’s obsession with celebrities. Another song, “Temazi Party”, mocked the then-current craze for abusing Temazepam sleeping pills (a.k.a. ‘jellies’), but was deliberately misspelt on the album sleeve as ‘Tramazi’ instead of ‘Temazi’ to prevent legal problems. The album cover featured a picture of then-recently imprisoned terrorist Carlos The Jackal. Black Grape released The subsequent album Stupid Stupid Stupid. The group split in 1998 after Ryder fired the rest of the band while touring, starting with Kermit (who was suffering from septicaemia) and ending with Bez (who was unsatisfied with his financial situation)Lynch went on to play drums and percussion on many other musical works, becoming a noted session musician.

In 2010 Ryder briefly reformed Black Grape with producer Danny Saber and Kermit for a concert as part of the ‘Get Loaded in the Dark’ gig series at The Coronet in London. In 2015, Black Grape signed to Creation Management run by Alan McGee and Simon Fletcher and announced a reunion tour to coincide with 20 years of the It’s Great When You’re Straight…Yeah album. Black Grape recorded and released a song “We are England” in support of the England national football team for UEFA Euro 2016 in collaboration with DJ Paul Oakenfold and singer Goldie, under the name 4 Lions. The latest Black Grape album Pop Voodoo was released August 2017 and fuses funk, syncopated rhythms and electronic rock with electronic programming and samples.

Everything you know is wrong
Nine Lives
Set the Grass on fire
Whiskey, wine and Ham
Money burns
String theory
Pop Voodoo
I wanna be like you
Sugar Money
losing Sleep
Young and Dumb


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