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Enslaved by D.Robert Pease

I would also like to read Enslaved by D.Robert Pease. Enslaved is the first book in the imaginative, action-packeD Exodus Chronicles, by D.Robert Pease Which is an imaginative interstellar homage to the Book of Exodus. Scout is the prequel story which starts 150 years before the events that happened in Enslaved and explains what happened up to this point. It features A woman named Cosette Sinclair, who is pregnant with an illegal second child, but makes a discovery that will change the course of humanity. While on assignment to find a habitable planet for mankind’s first colony, she witnesses a tear in space—a gateway for a devastating alien invasion. Now she’s faced with the heart-wrenching choice between saving her unborn child and saving the world.

Moshie meanwhile, lives in a culture where competition is prized above all else. His mother raises him to dominate every creature he encounters. As Moshie trains for the day when he will rule an ancient alien civilization, a whisper in the young man’s mind calls him to something greater. Can he put aside a lifetime of striving for power, and heed the cry to save the most undeserving? Cosette Sinclair has one chance to save the human race. Moshie has one chance to save himself and Both learn that trusting their long-hated enemies might be their only chance of survival.

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