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Post by Sean Black

I would like to read Post, The latest Exciting Award-nominated science fiction thriller in Sean Black’s bestselling eight novel Ryan Lock series. It sounds a bit like Univeral Soldier. It features a new US Government  programme which involves inserting implants into their best soldiers head, fingers and giving them skeletal armour. These make them able to see how people react (fear, anger etc), and give them faster and sharper reflexes to give them the edge in order to create ‘guilt free and enhanced’ super soldiers.

One such person is Byron Tibor, a seasoned specialist who goes into hostile areas to complete missions, however, after an event during a mission In the blood-soaked mountains of the Hindu Kush he begins to lose control and suffers from post traumatic stress and starts seeing things that are not there. Exhausted by a decade of combat, and haunted by the ghosts of his past, Byron Tibor decides to return home to the woman he loves and goes on the run. From there it is a cat and mouse between Byron and the American government who chase him from the dark underbelly of the Las Vegas Strip to glittering lights of Manhattan, determined to stop him, in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Post has been Nominated for the prestigious International Thriller Writers Award. Whose Previous winners include Jeffery Deaver, Lisa Gardner and Stephen King.




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