The Core by Peter V.Brett

I would like to read The Core By Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author Peter V. Brett. It is described as an epic imaginative fantasy saga and is book five in the Demon cycle. it features bloodthirsty demons who stalk the night, culling the human race to scattered remnants. the humans meanwhile only have half-forgotten magics to protect them. Then Two heroes arise―men as close as brothers, yet divided by bitter betrayal. Arlen Bales becomes known as the Painted Man, tattooed head-to-toe with powerful magic symbols that enable him to fight demons in hand-to-hand combat―and emerge victorious and Ahmann Jardir, who is armed with magically warded weapons, calls himself the Deliverer, and id prophesied to unite humanity and lead them to triumph in Sharak Ka―the final war against demonkind.

However in their efforts to bring the war to the demons, Arlen and Jardir inadvertantly start something that may prove the end of everything they hold dear―a Swarm. Now the war is at hand, and humanity cannot hope to win it unless Arlen and Jardir, with the help of Arlen’s wife, Renna, can bend a captured demon prince to their will and force the devious creature to lead them to the Core, where the Mother of Demons breeds an inexhaustible army. Now Leesha, Inevera, Ragen, and Elissa, must rally the fractious people of the Free Cities and lead them against the Swarm, meanwhile Arlen, Renna, and Jardir set out on a desperate quest into the darkest depths of evil to defeat the Mother of Demons…

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