The Sea Detective by Mark Douglas-Home

I like reading an exciting murder mystery and would like to download and read The Sea detective, a fast-paced gripping murder mystery novel by Mark Douglas-Home. It features Edinburgh-based oceanographer, environmentalist and one-of-a-kind investigator Cal McGill. McGill has a unique skill in studying oceanography and also has a family history that is shrouded in secrecy, consequently he is also on the radar of the local police after a slight misdemeanour.

Using his knowledge of the waves – ocean currents, prevailing winds, shipping records – McGill can track where objects have come from, or where they’ve gone. It’s a unique skill that can help solve all sorts of mysteries. He is approached by the Police to help them investigate after two feet wash up on the shore miles apart. Elsewhere two Indian girls sold into sex slavery and McGill finds himself drawn into a murky underworld of illicit and criminal activities as he assists the police with their ongoing investigations.

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