Their Fatal Secrets By Janice Frost

I would like to read Their Fatal Secrets by Janice Frost. This Is a gripping crime mystery By Janice Frost which is available Free Gratis with Amazon Kindle Unlimited. It begins when Two drunk students discover The body of Leanne Jackson in the River Strom after having been hit on the head with a flat iron. Soon after, the body of Ruby Kennedy is also found dead in similar circumstances. Jess Stokes was bullied at school and was befriended by Leanne who came to her rescue. Jess is determined to discover who killed her friend and find out if there’s a connection between Leanne and Ruby. Then strange things start to happen – her car is vandalised, her friend’s dog is killed – is this connected to her friend’s death.

Meanwhile DEtective Superintendent Ava Merry and Detective Inspector Jim Neal are assigned to both investigations. And they’re joined by a new detective, Tom KnightDI Jim Neal and DS Ava Merry investigate the deaths of the two women, joined by DS Tom Knight who’s been seconded from Hertfordshire and DC Polly ‘PJ’ Jenkins. DS Ava Merry is a young policewoman, recently promoted to detective sergeant. She is fitness fanatic with a taste for dangerous relationships. DI Jim Neal is single dad who juggles his devotion to his job with caring for his son.

Upon investigation It becomes clear that the victim had been looking into things that had happened in her past and was trying to contact other women she had known at the time. Then another body is found in the river and she was on the first victim’s list of contacts. Soon a connection is found between the two dead women. A list of “victims” is discovered in one of their flats. Who will be next and what really happened to the women on this sinister list? Jim Neal ends up fighting for his life as the two detectives struggle to solve a complex case involving people with secrets that may prove fatal.

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