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Through the Never: a Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection

Through the Never is a thrilling Fantasy and Science Fiction Anthology by many different authors including J.A. Culican (Author), Brandon Barr, Tina Glasneck, Sarah K. L. Wilson, JC Kan”, R. L. Blalock, Craig Martelle, Debbie Cassidy, Richard Amos and Sharolyn G. Brown. It features fourteen exciting adventures in science fiction and fantasy featuring epic quests, Magic and and heart-pounding adventuress set in dangerous unknown new worlds, far-off galaxies and fantastic new realms

Among the stories in this collection is Dragon’s Awakening: Journey to Asgard by Tina Glasneck. This is part of Glasneck’s Dragons series and introduces a few fun Norse Gods. The story follows Norse God Baldr when he whisks away Nanna, a human, from evil in her time and takes her to Asgard. Baldr loves Nanna without hesitation and couldn’t leave her to die in her time, but Nanna is wary and must learn what it means to love someone and let them in. Their love will be tested by many in Asgard.

The second story The Fall of Endurance by R.L. Blalock, features a character named Laure who is one of many traveling in space looking for new home to start a new life to keep humans from becoming extinct. However they run into debris and have to land the ship quickly. When they land on this new planet which they hope will be their new home they run into a lot more than they were hoping for

The third story The Outcast by Craig Martelle features a prisoner who As part of his punishment is sent out in a spaceship to survey asteroids. All he has for companionship is the voice of the computer The ending was out of this world.

The fourth story Across the Starlight Blue by Debbie Cassidy and Richard Amos is a short science fiction story about A spaceship which is traveling through space looking for a new home when it is hit by debris and has to land quickly. After taking the shuttles to their new planet they are attacked by these alien bird like creatures upon entering the planet’s atmosphere. Will they survive the attack? Can they make this new planet their home? Or have they traveled all this way for nothing?

The fifth story Rodan’s Awakening by Sharolyn G. Brown features A young girl named Rodan whose home is attacked and her whole family is lost. So Rodan embarks on a journey to find the ones who attacked her home and make them pay.

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