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Lord of the Rings

Amazon recently acquired the television rights to J.R.R Tolkien’s epic fantasy Lord of the Rings and have announced plans to make a television series based on events inMiddle Earth, with a multiple season commitment. The events featured in The television series will take place before the events featured in the 2001 feature film “The Fellowship of the Ring,” which kicked off the trilogy The Two Towers and Return of the King, all three directed by Peter Jackson. This could also include potential for a spin-off series as well. Amazon Studios will be collaborating on the series with the Tolkien Estate, Trust, HarperCollins and New Line Cinema. Amazon also produces “The Man in the High Castle,” an alternative history drama based on the Philip K. Dick novel. A cast for the Lord of the Rings TV series has not yet been announced.


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The Fix by David Baldacci

IMG_4859Having read The Target, The Hit, The Innocent, The Guilty, Memory Man, No Man’s Land and The Last Mile, I would like to read The Fix by David Baldacci. This exciting police thriller features Detective Amos Decker a special agent, who suffered a head injury that resulted in giving him the gift of a remarkable memory, Which has enabled him to solve many crimes, which have baffled everyone else.

The novel concerns a chap named Walter Dabney, a family man. A loving husband and the father of four grown daughters , who has built a life many would be proud of. Then while Standing outside the FBI Headquarters in Washington, D C, Dabney shoots school teacher Anne Berkshire execution style, in cold blood, on a crowded pavement, before turning the gun on himself. One of the many witnesses is Amos Decker; a man who forgets nothing and sees what most miss. However Even with Decker’s extraordinary powers of observation and deduction, the seemingly senseless and random killing appears baffling.  Decker and his team can find absolutely no connection between the shooter – a family man with a successful consulting business – and his victim, a schoolteacher. Nor is there a hint of any possible motive for the attack.

Decker finds himself thrust into the investigation to determine what drove this seemingly loving family man to pull the trigger, so Decker and the team delve into the lives of Dabney and Berkshire to find a connection that doesn’t seem to exist. Then he meets Harper Brown. An agent of the Defense Intelligence Agency, she orders Decker to back off the case. The murder is part of an open DIA investigation, one so classified that Decker and his team aren’t cleared for it. Decker discovers that the Defense Intelligence Agency believes that Critical information may have been leaked to a hostile government – or, worse, an international terrorist group – and an attack may be imminent so now solving the murder has become a matter of urgent national security. Decker is a bit of a maverick and has never been one to follow the rules, especially with the stakes so high. Forced into an uneasy alliance with Agent Brown, Decker remains laser focused on only one goal: solving the case before it’s too late…

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The Family Lawyer by James Patterson

The family Lawyer by James Patterson
The Family Lawyer by James Patterson features a Skilled Criminal Defence Attourney named Mathew Hovenes who finds his life thrown into chaos and starts living a parents worst nightmare after, his young daughter is accused of bullying another girl to the point of suicide. However something is not quite right with the evidence, so Matthew decides to investigate further.

Night Sniper by James Patterson and Christopher Charles
Exciting fast paced police thriller featuring Detective Inspector Cheryl Mabern who is one of the New York Police Departments most brilliant Detectives. She is called to investigate a calculating killer who is commiting seemingly random murders as she investigates further she finds herself having to confront her darkest fears.

The Good Sister by James Patterson and Rachel Howzell Hall
This novel features Dani Lawrence who finds herself facing something of a personal dillemma when her beloved sisters no-good philandering cheating husband, who she never liked, is found dead. She must decide whether to cooperate with an investigation which could end up with her sister being sent to prison or obstruct it by any means necessary, justifying it by saying he was asking for trouble and got what he deserved, even though by obstructing justice she risks finding herself in jail