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The Family Lawyer by James Patterson

The family Lawyer by James Patterson
The Family Lawyer by James Patterson features a Skilled Criminal Defence Attourney named Mathew Hovenes who finds his life thrown into chaos and starts living a parents worst nightmare after, his young daughter is accused of bullying another girl to the point of suicide. However something is not quite right with the evidence, so Matthew decides to investigate further.

Night Sniper by James Patterson and Christopher Charles
Exciting fast paced police thriller featuring Detective Inspector Cheryl Mabern who is one of the New York Police Departments most brilliant Detectives. She is called to investigate a calculating killer who is commiting seemingly random murders as she investigates further she finds herself having to confront her darkest fears.

The Good Sister by James Patterson and Rachel Howzell Hall
This novel features Dani Lawrence who finds herself facing something of a personal dillemma when her beloved sisters no-good philandering cheating husband, who she never liked, is found dead. She must decide whether to cooperate with an investigation which could end up with her sister being sent to prison or obstruct it by any means necessary, justifying it by saying he was asking for trouble and got what he deserved, even though by obstructing justice she risks finding herself in jail

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