Sally Lockhart Mysteries

Sally Lockhart Mysteries -Ruby in the Smoke

Set in London during 1872 Ruby on the Smoke features Sixteen year old Sally Lockhart who is The only child of a successful merchant with a business of importing goods from far-off destinations, her only living relation is a distant, scornful Aunt, Then her dear father is drowned in suspicious circumstances in the South China Sea, after his boat capsizes somewhere off the coast of Singapore, killing him and every other soul onboard and her inheritance is far less than what it should be, thanks to a complication in her father’s will. Then Sally recieves a mysterious, misspelled anonymous note in the post, with the message: “Sali beware of the seven blessings. Marchbanks will help chattum. Bware darling.”

So Sally decides to investigate what the mysterious Seven Blessings are who Marchbanks is and find the Ruby of Agripur and It is not long before Sally finds herself thrust into the murky world of Victorian London where danger lurks around every turn, luckily though Sally has a thorough grounding in military tactics, can run a business, ride like a Cossack and shoot straight with a pistol.

Her investigations soon lead her to grave danger and also she also discovers devastating revelations about her past as she investigates. Her quest for answers leads to a mysterious ruby of Agrapur, where she encounters a single-minded old woman who will stop at nothing to get her hands on this prize And she learns about the deadly secret of the ruby in the smoke…

Sally Lockhart Mysteries-Shadow in the North

This book takes place in late 1878, six years after the events of The Ruby in the Smoke. It features A woman named Miss Walsh who walks into the offices of S. Lockhart, Financial Consultant and tells Sally Lockhart that she lost all of her money in a company called Anglo-Baltic Which is beset by suspicious tragedies. Sally swears to get Miss Walsh’s money back.Meanwhile Sally’s friend Jim Taylor helps a magician named Alistair Mackinnon escape two dodgy men. Jim takes Mackinnon to Frederick and his uncle Webster at their photography shop/private investigations office named Garland and Lockhart after Mackinnon says that he is mixed up in a murder. Mackinnon Informs Jim, Webster and Fred about a murder and he believes that the perpetrator knows that he knows about the murder, and is terrified for his life.

Later that night, Jim and Fred Visit a spiritualist séance intending to see if the woman running it, Nellie Budd, is genuine. While they are there, Nellie has a vision linking both Mackinnon’s vision and Sally’s investigation. Fred goes to Sally and tells her about it; in turn, she tells him what she knows about the former owner of Anglo-Baltic and now the current owner of a company called North Star named Axel Bellmann. Sally thinks that Mr. Bellman manufactured Anglo-Baltic’s collapse to fund North Star and decides to find out more about him.

Mackinnon accompanies Fred during a charity event in case one of the men tries to get him. Fred asks Charles Bertram, to accompany themAt the event, Mackinnon sees a man he recognizes, and Charles finds out that it was Axel Bellmann himself. At Sally’s office the next morning, an employee of Axel Bellman named Mr. Windlesham who tries to scare her off investigating his employer. so Sally goes to her lawyer, Mr. Temple who warns her to be carful. Meanwhile Axel Bellmann makes a financial deal with a Lord Wytham concerning his 17-year-old daughter Mary, Fred goes to see Nellie Budd And learns that she has a sister named Jessie. Sally goes to visit Axel Bellmann; she orders him to pay her the money that Miss Walsh lost but he refuses and manages to track down Nellie Budd,

Jim discovers Mackinnon residing in a boarding house and meets Isabel Meredith, a young woman who has a birthmark that disfigures her whole face who was taking care of Mackinnon when he was in the boarding house. Isabel learns about a murdered man preserved in ice, the topic of Mackinnon’s vision. Jim also figures out that Isabel is desperately in love with Mackinnon. Charles discovers that Mr. Bellmann and Lady Mary Wytham are getting engaged. Fred, Jim and Charles then go to the portrait place, Charles to help and Fred and Jim to investigate. Mr. Bellmann recognizes Fred but Lady Mary distracts Him. Isabel leaves a note in Garland & Lockhart’s mailbox, warning that Mackinnon is in danger who in turn, tells her that his father is Lord Wytham and his mother is Nellie Budd.

Meanwhile Nellie Budd is attacked and Mr. Windlesham employs a hitman to get rid of Sally. Sally learns that North Star is a weapons company that wants to build a huge weapon. Frederick learns how the weapon works and discovers that the engineer who designed it was murdered by Mr. Bellmann. Frederick learns that Mackinnon is not really Nellie’s son and he learns that Mackinnon is married to a Lady. Fred learns the next day that the lady Mackinnon married was Lady Mary Wytham. Mr. Windlesham’s hitman tries to kill Sally when she is walking Chaka. Then Sally finds her office ransacked and goes to Garland & Lockhart to ask Fred’s help. Fred and Jim recover the files and Sally discovers something horrific. After Fred tells Jim that Lady Mary is married to Mackinnon, Jim Bids farewell to Lady Mary. When Isabel finds out that Mackinnon is married, she is devastated. Meanwhile Fred and Jim rescue Mackinnon from Mr. Bellman’s thugs and take him to Garland & Lockhart, Sally realizes Mr. Windlesham is dodgy then Frederick proposes to Sally. However, Mr. Windlesham and Mr. Bellmann attempt to destroy Garland &Lockhart so later Sally goes to the North Star headquarters to confront Mr. Bellmann and Mr. Bellmann proposes to her to which she agrees, provided he gives Mackinnon the money for Sally’s client Then Mr. Bellmann takes Sally to see the Steam Gun, with explosive results.

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