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The Curse of Peladon

The first television episode of the Doctor Who story The Curse of Peladon was broadcast on 29th January 1972. It concerns The planet Peladon, which is led by its young King, and is on the verge of joining the Galactic Federation. However not everyone on Peladon is happy about this turn of events, particularly the High Priest Hepesh who does not trust Aliens and is opposed to the change, warning that the curse of Aggedor the Royal Beast of Peladon will visit doom upon them all.

The Doctor and Jo Grant arrive in The TARDIS and soon find themselves in peril. Meanwhile King Peladon asks for Hepesh’s support to join the Federation, but Hepesh refuses. The Doctor and Jo are discovered by the palace guards, and taken to the throne room, where the delegates are gathered: Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, the Ice Lord Izlyr and the Ice Warrior Ssorg. The Doctor is mistaken for the delegate from Earth. He introduces Jo as the “Princess Josephine of TARDIS”, a neutral royal observer from Earth.

Several suspicious accidents occur to the delegates, which are linked to the Ice Warriors. The Doctor also discovers a mythical beast Aggedor, lurking in the tunnels under the palace. As he tries to escape Aggedor the Doctor finds his way into the shrine of Aggedor, where he is discovered by Hepesh and Grun, the King’s Champion. Hepesh accuses the Doctor of sacrilege for daring to enter the shrine. He is sentenced to trial by combat and must duel to the death with the King’s Champion. Hepesh offers the Doctor an escape route however this proves to be equally dangerous. So Hepesh then orders that the Doctor be taken away to face Grun in combat. However This does not go to plan and Arcturus and Ssorg also become involved. Hepesh’s forces then take the throne room, and hold the king hostage and the others uncover a devious plot between Hepesh and Arcturus…..

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