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Pyramid by Tom Martin

Having read lots of exciting Clive Cussler and Wilbur Smith novels, I would like to read the Exciting action adventure thriller Pyramid by Tom Martin. It contains secret codes, cartography and ancient civilizations. It begins when an eminent Oxford Scientist is found dead, the Police suspect Suicide, however his beautiful young protegé Catherine Donovan is immediately suspicious and refuses to accept that her mentor has committed suicide, particularly after she has receives a cryptic note along with some Priceless Artefacts and maps. So she teams up with classicist named James Rutherford to investigate further and find out the truth.

So they embark on a perilous journey from the Dreaming Spires of Oxford which tskes them to the ancient wonders of Peru and the wonders of ancient Egypt. However they are not alone and soon find themselves being pursued by a deeply sinister organisation who are determined to clobber them and stop them discovering the truth. Catherine and James then face a race against time to unlock the secrets hidden in the maps before they are killed by the sinister forces pursuing them. Then things get worse when The clues start hinting of an immenent and catastrophic cataclysm….

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