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The Closers/Angle of Investigation/Echo Park by Michael Connelly

Being a big fan of Michael Connely’s exciting crime novels, i decided to download these as they were on offer.

The Closers by Michael Connelly

The Closers is the 15th exciting crime fiction novel by Michael Connelly and the 11th to feature LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) detective Harry Bosch. He is back on the force after a three-year retirement. Assigned to the Open-Unsolved Unit (cold case squad) and teamed with former partner Kizmin “Kiz” Rider, Harry’s first case back involves the murder of 16-year-old high school girl Rebecca Verloren in 1988, reopened because of a DNA match to blood found on the murder weapon. The blood on the gun belongs to a local low-life white supremacist, Roland Mackey, a fact that links him to the crime via the victim’s biracial family. But the blood indicates only that Mackey had possession of the gun, so how to pin him to the crime? Connelly meticulously leads the reader along with Bosch and Rider as they explore the links to Mackey and along the way connect the initial investigation of the crime to a police conspiracy orchestrated by Bosch’s nemesis Irvin Irving to cover up the ties of a ranking officer’s son with a neo-Nazi group.

Echo Park by Michael Connelly

Echo Park is the 17th novel by Michael Connelly and the 12 to feature Harry Bosch. It starts In 1993, when Harry Bosch and his partner Jerry Edgar caught the Marie Gesto case. Marie was a young equestrian who went missing. Her car and clothing turned up in an apartment garage but her body was never found. Bosch and Edgar suspected Anthony Garland, the son of wealthy and powerful industrialist Thomas Rex “T-Rex” Garland, Who was a part-time security guard at one of his father’s oil facilities. However, they never found enough evidence to charge him and the case went cold. Meanwhile Bosch continued working on the Gesto case. Since then, Bosch retired from the LAPD and worked as a private investigator for three years but returned to the force. Now, nearing 60, Bosch is working in the prestigious Open-Unsolved Unit at Parker Center, going over cold cases with his most recent partner, Kizmin “Kiz” Rider.

Bosch and Detective Freddy Olivas apprehend a deeply troubled individual named Reynard Waits, Who confesses to a number of murders involving prostitutes and runaways, including Daniel Fitzpatrick and Marie Gesto. When the Gesto case files are reexamined, It transpires that Waits actually informed the police shortly after the murder, however Bosch and Edgar never investigated. So Bosch takes the Gesto files to his ex-girlfriend Rachel Walling, an FBI agent and former criminal profiler. Where they discuss Raynard Waits and his dubious activities in Echo Park. Later During an interview with Bosch, Waits also confesses to killing Fitzpatrick and raping and Killing Gesto. Bosch, the prosecutor Richard O’Shea, Rider, Olivas, then accompany Waits and his attorney Morrie Swann to an isolated area in Beachwood Canyon unfortunately Waits escapes and O’Shea tries to make it look like incompetence. Then Waits kidnaps another woman so Bosch and Walling race to save her and discover a trail of blackmail, Kidnapping, Murder and corruption in the process…

Angle of Investigation by Michael Connelly

Angle of investigation by Michael Connelly is an EBook which contains a trio of short gripping and compelling crime stories featuring controversial LAPD Detective and hunted legendary investigator Harry Bosch. The first short story CHRISTMAS EVEN, features the case of a burglar killed in mid-heist which leads Bosch to retrace a link to his past. In the second short story FATHER’S DAY, Bosch is assigned to investigate a young boy’s seemingly accidental death and Bosch ends up confronting his own fears as a father.

The third story ANGLE OF INVESTIGATION starts back when Bosch was new on the Los Angeles Police Department as a Unformed Rookie patrol man and was called to a scene where he discovered a homicide. Sadly the trail went cold and the case has so far remained unsolved for decades. The action then switches to the cold case unsolved unit where Harry finally decides he wants to bring justice to the victim.

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