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Die Trying by Lee Child

IMG_5455I would also like to read Die Trying by Lee Child. This exciting thriller features former military policeman Jack Reacher who is in Chicago helping an injured young woman with her dry cleaning when suddenly they are captured at gunpoint by three men and thrown into a car, then transferred into a van and driven cross country. On the way, Reacher learns the woman is an FBI agent named Holly Johnson, who is the daughter of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and goddaughter of the President. So The Chicago office where Holly worked dispatches agents McGrath, Milosevic and Brogan to investigate.

Elsewhere Holly is almost raped by one of the kidnappers, Peter Bell, until Reacher intervenes and When Reacher and Holly finally arrive at their destination: they discover a mountain community that’s home to a radical military sect which wishes to secede from the US. The Leader of the Sect Beau Borken has kidnapped Holly in order to coerce her Father into a agreeing to his demands. Holly then meets an undercover FBI agent named Jackson. Borken then executes Loder, the leader of the kidnappers, and Reacher is shown the extent of the Militias Abilities, unfortunately Borken also discovers that Bell has been killed and intends to execute Reacher. Then Jackson is also discovered and killed.

Meanwhile, the FBI learn where the militia is but the President, refuses to authorize an attack, so McGrath embarks on an illicit mission but is caught. Then Reacher discovers something disturbing in an abandoned mine and later rescues McGrath, who had been caught by the Militia. Reacher and McGrath discover something disturbing concerning Brogan, Milosevic and Borken and try to rescue Holly. Then Reacher learns that another kidnapper is heading straight for the Fourth Of July celebrations in San Francisco with a truck full of dynamite….

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The store by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo

I would also like to read The Store by James Patterson. This is an exciting cyber crime thriller set in a dystopian future of unparalleled convenience. Where A powerful retailer, named The Store, has taken over from high street shops and is able to deliver anything to your door. The Store uses drones to deliver anything and everything a consumer could desire. By keeping track of people’s habits, from shopping to personal relationships, anticipating needs and desires you didn’t even know you had. The Store can tailor the shopping experience to each individual customer.

However two Newspapers York writers named Jacob and Megan Brandeis start feeling uncomfortable by this level of scrutiny, they also find their livelihood on the brink of extinction. So Jacob and Megan decide to go undercover as employees of the Store in order to dig up the inner workings of The Store with the intention of writing and publishing a book exposing The Stores bad pactices and extreme working environments.

However after making a series of unsettling discoveries, Jacob and Megan’s worst fears about The Store seem like just the beginning. It turns out that The Store doesn’t just want your money – it wants your soul. Now Jacob has to find a way to escape The Store’s watchful eye and publish his expose before the truth dies with him.

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Odessa sea by Clive Cussler

I would like to read Odessa Sea, this is another exciting action thrilller by Clive Cussler which os Packed with suspense, switchback and sinister plotting. Odessa Sea features adventurer Dirk Pitt who is Director of the National Underwater and Marine Agency, (NUMA) and Is currently On a NUMA mission to the Black Sea to locate the wreck of a lost Ottoman Empire ship. While at sea Pitt and his friend Al Giordino respond to an urgent Mayday from a nearby freighter. However by the time they reach the ship there’s no one left alive – just dead bodies and the smell of sulphur in the air. Then a massive blast from the stern suddenly scuttles the ship, and Pitt and Giordino are lucky not to be added to the death toll.

As they investigate the fate of the lost ship, they find themselves plunged deep into an extraordinary mystery and make a series of discoveries. Then connections emerge between a desperate attempt in 1917 to preserve the wealth and power of the Romanov empire, a Cold War bomber lost with a deadly cargo, modern-day nuclear smugglers and a brilliant engineer developing cutting-edge drone technology. Dirk Pitt finds himself caught up in another dangerous and thrilling mystery on the murky waters of the Black Sea which could threaten the lives of his family and friends…