I would like to watch Thor: Ragnarok which is out on DVD Soon. It is the sequel to 2011’s Thor and 2013’s Thor: The Dark World, and is the seventeenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The film is directed by Taika Waititi and stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor alongside Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Idris Elba, Jeff Goldblum, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban, Mark Ruffalo, and Anthony Hopkins.

It begins Two years after the battle of Sokovia, Thor has been unsuccessfully searching for the Infinity Stones, and is now imprisoned by the fire demon Surtur in Muspelheim. Surtur reveals that Thor’s father Odin is no longer on Asgard, and that the realm will soon be destroyed in the prophesied Ragnarök, once Surtur unites his crown with the Eternal Flame that burns in Odin’s vault. Thor defeats Surtur and claims his crown, believing he has prevented Ragnarök. Thor returns to Asgard to find his brother Loki posing as Odin. Thor forces Loki to help him find their father with assistance from Doctor Strange.

They find Odin in Norway, who warns them about his firstborn child, Hela, who was leader of Asgard’s armies, and had conquered the Nine Realms with Odin, until she was imprisoned. However now Hela has managed to escape and she wastes no time before going To Asgard, destroying its army, killing the Warriors Three and resurrecting the ancient dead who once fought with her, including the Asguardian Skurge and her giant wolf Fenris. She reveals a dastardly plan to use the Bifröst bridge which allows travel between the realms of Asguard, Midguard and Muspelheim, in order to expand Asgard’s empire. However Heimdall, the keeper of the Bifröst tries to stop her.

Meanwhile Thor crash-lands on Sakaar, a garbage planet surrounded by wormholes. He is captured by a slave trader named Scrapper 142, and sold to serve as a gladiator for the planet’s ruler, the Grandmaster. Scrapper 142 turns out to be a legendary female Valkyrior warrior, the Valkyrior were all supposedly killed defending Asgard from Hela long ago. Thor is forced to compete in the Grandmaster’s Contest of Champions, facing his old friend Hulk. Thor then tries to convince Hulk and 142 to help him save Asgard, Thor and Hulk then attempt to escape Sakaar. Meanwhile the Grandmaster orders 142 and Loki to find Thor and Hulk, who have managed to liberate the other gladiators, led by Korg and Miek, and they are now openly revolting (I know some people who are openly revolting, however I digress) against The Grandmaster.

Thor, Banner, and 142 manage to escape Sakaar through a wormhole and journey back to Asgard, where Hela’s forces are attacking Heimdall and Asgard’s citizens for the sword that controls the Bifröst bridge. So Thor, Hulk and Scrapper 142 confront Hela, Skurge, Fenris and the resurrected army of the dead, then Loki and the gladiators arrive. Then Thor comes to a realisation concerning Ragnarök, Surtur’s crown, the Eternal Flame and Hela.

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