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Second Son by Lee Child

Second Son is another exciting short story Ebook by Lee Child featuring Jack Reacher which I would like to read. It starts in 1974 In Paris where a 90-year-old retired furniture restorer and World War I veteran named Laurent Moutier discovers that he is unable to get out of bed and realises he is about to die. He faces the approach of death stoically and unflinchingly, mainly concerned about letting his daughter Josephine know. This takes some effort since she is married to an American military officer who is a member of US Marine Corps and she is constantly moving around the world with her husband on his different assignments. Her married name is Josephine Reacher; she is Jack Reacher’s mother, and the dying Laurent Moutier is therefore his grandfather.

Meanwhile 13-year-old Reacher and his family, have recently arrived at a military Base in Okinawa where Jack Reacher’s father, Captain Stan Reacher, is due to take command of a unit which would take part in an invasion of China, should the US ever get into war with China.

The bad news from Paris concerning Laurent Moutier, prompts Josephine to leave everything and take the first available plane there. However The situation is made worse by a string of various Mishaps affecting other members of the family. Firstly Reacher and his 15-year-old brother Joe ran afoul of the neighbourhood bully, an earlier-arrived American boy who takes “a toll” of anyone going to swim in the sea. Reacher is not intimidated by him – but Helen, the girl from a neighbouring house to whom Reacher takes a liking, is terrified. Then, Joe is accused of stealing the text of entry examinations from the school where they are due to enroll, dimming his prospects in this school. And most seriously of all, the classified code book of Captain Stan Reacher’s unit goes astray and unless it can be recovered swiftly, Stan’s military career is in jeopardy.

So Thirteen year old Reacher decides to investigate in order to clear Joe’s name, assist the Military Police in Recovering the classified code book, exonerate Stan of any wrong-doing or mistakes and deal with the neighbourhood bully. Even at this age Reacher already displays both the sharp detective ability, self confidence, personallity and the fighting prowess which characterise him as a grown-up.

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