The pupil by Caro Fraser

The Pupil by Caro Fraser is the first in the Caper Court series of novels published in 1992. It is based on Fraser’s time spent in pupillage Which is the training required to become a barrister. The novel was written largely from a male standpoint and deals with the trials and fortunes of penniless Anthony Cross during his six-month pupillage at the prestigious chambers of 5 Caper Court, and the various characters he meets in the eccentric world of the Inns of Court in London.

It is a Tale of rivalry between two pupil barristers Penniless Anthony Cross and wealthy Edward Choke, as they vie to win the coveted role of junior tenant and gain admittance to the elite world of London’s Commercial Bar. Anthony Cross is brilliant, hard-working, and longs to gain a foothold on this legal ladder to success. Meanwhile His rival is, Edward Choke – wealthy, good-natured, but not very bright – however he is the nephew of the head of chambers’ .

However Anthony soon discovers that it is not the dream job is not what he first thought it would be, and that behind the elegant doors of chambers lie hard choices, deceitful politics, and dangerous corruption. And he must also cope with complications that threaten to ruin his career before it has even begun – his ageing hippy father, a fickle girlfriend, and above all a confusing relationship with an extremely successful, attractive, talented and charismatic barrister named Leo Davies …

An Inheritance by Caro Fraser

An inheritance by Caro Fraser is More ambitious than anything else Caro Fraser has ever written. Like her first novel The Pupil it is another story of families, money and legal wrangling. It features orphaned Orlando D’Ewes who is due to inherit his Paternal Grandfather’s estate however his paternal grandfather Sir Leonard D’Ewes has never met him and This is the story of Orlando’s struggle to persuade his paternal grandfather to take an interest him; the illegitimate grandson he has never known.

Over twenty years love, sex and a dubious frienship occur as Orlando charms the D’Ewes family, while Orlando in turn is charmed by the splendid beauties of Stow Stocksey, the sense of belonging, and the weight of the inheritance that should have been for his father however Orlando’s life is turned upside down At the appearance of his cousin Roger, the true heir to the estate, and Although Orlando does finally come in reach of his heart’s desire, one person’s gain is another’s disappointment….

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