John Power (The La’s, Cast)

Best known as the frontman of Cast and bassist and backing vocalist for the La’s,English singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist John Timothy Power was born 14 September 1967 in in Allerton, Liverpool. Power grew up in Allerton, Liverpool near Penny Lane and attended Quarry Bank School.

In 1986 John Power met Mike Badger of Liverpool band The La’s, at a course for unemployed musicians. The La’s had previously struggled to find a permanent bass player since their formation, So they recruited then 18-yeaer-old John Power to play Bass For them . Whilst still quite inexperienced on bass guitar, Power was mentored by Lee Mavers (a former bass player himself) and the core trio of Mavers, Badger and Power rehearsed and performed extensively until December 1986 when Badger left the band. The La’s fanbase grew rapidly after the arrival of Power and the group recorded some of the demos which helped them gain a record deal the following year. For the remainder of the La’s’ history, the band’s line-up would change frequently with a constant duo of Lee Mavers (guitar, vocals) and John Power (bass, backing vocals) and various other guitarists and drummers. Power played on the band’s early singles “Way Out” (1987) and “There She Goes” (1988) and was part of the recording of the band’s debut album “The La’s” released in 1990. Whilst in the La’s, John Power Wrote two songs “Alright” and “Follow Me Down” which were performed live by the band during 1991 Following increased tension between Power and Lee Mavers, John Power left the La’s in December 1991

After leaving the La’s in 1991 john Power formed english rock band Cast in 1992 as a singer and guitarist ,alongside Peter Wilkinson (backing vocals, bass), and drummers, Liam “Skin” Tyson (guitar) and Keith O’Neill (drums) who joined Cast in 1993. After Emerging from the Britpop movement of the mid-1990s, Cast signed to Polydor Records and their debut album All Change (1995) became the highest selling debut album for the label. Further commercial success continued with the albums Mother Nature Calls (1997) and Magic Hour (1999), however a departure in sound on the band’s fourth album Beetroot (2001) was met by a poor critical and commercial reaction and contributed to the band’s split two weeks after its release.

After four albums and a string of hit singles, Cast split in 2002. Following the dissolution of Cast, Power embarked on a solo career. Following the split, Power released the John Leckie produced solo album, Happening for Love in June 2003. In 2005, he briefly reunited with the La’s, It was then announced in 2005, that the La’s make a series of festival appearances in the UK, Ireland and Japan. Following the La’s reformation, Power went on to release 2 further solo albums, more in the acoustic folk vein.

Cast re-formed in November 2010 and released their fifth album Troubled Times in November 2011. Bassist Peter Wilkinson confirmed his departure from the band in March 2015, after abruptly leaving a previous tour in December 2014. He was replaced on that tour and in the band by Power’s frequent collaborator Jay Lewis, who would also feature on their sixth album Kicking Up the Dust, which was released In 2017. Noel Gallagher of Oasis described watching the band live as being like a “religious experience” and they were labelled “The Who of the 90’s”.  It has been suggested that the name “Cast” was taken from the final word on The La’s eponymous album (the song “Looking Glass” ends with the repeated line “The change is cast”); John Power has since confirmed this to be true, despite previously playing the link down to coincidence.

Power released the solo albums Willow She Weeps in October 2006 and Stormbreaker in January 2008. From 2006 to 2009, Power performed live with the John Power Band featuring backing musicians Jay Lewis (bass, slide guitar) and Steve Pilgrim (drums). Oli Hughes replaced Pilgrim as drummer after he left to play with Paul Weller. After undertaking a solo “Cast Acoustic Show” tour in June 2010, Cast announced they would reform to work on new material and tour in November/December 2010. Cast released the album Troubled Times in March 2012, followed by Kicking Up the Dust in April 2017. In 2015 John performed a solo acoustic tour in North West England alongside Jay Lewis.

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