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Big Brother UK

A new series of Big Brother UK started 14 September on channel 5. It is hosted by Emma Willis, narrated by Marcus Bentley with Rylan Clark-Neal hosting Channel 5’s spin-off show Bit on the Side.

It started in 2000 with good intentions as a so-called interesting social experiment, however it soon deteriorated as desperate “wannabes” enrolled and turned it into a bit of a circus with their unsavoury antics. The situation was not helped by Big Brother socially engineering dangerous situations such as the Bedsit wherein two former housemates were hidden and listened to everyone talk about them until being reintroduced into the house whereupon a massive punch up broke out. Now Having caused large amounts of controversy and outrage and been something of a poisoned chalice for many of the the housemates, Producers have finally had enough and it has been announced that, following falling ratings, this would be the final series, however i’m sure some other masochistic Freeview channel is bound to pick it up.

This series has already courted controversy when it was revealed that current housemate Ellis Hillon had already been removed from the Big Brother house after it was revealed that she had allegedly posted offensive, racist and inappropriate tweets on her Twitter account. However Ellis’s sister denied the allegations. The latest series of Celebrity Big Brother also made headlines after Roxanne Platt, a former Emmerdale star, quit the house after claiming eventual winner Ryan Thomas “punched” her “repeatedly, unprovoked, and completely deliberately”. Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves was also removed by producers in the most recent celebrity Big Brother after he received a final warning for using the n-word twice.

The first series of Big Brother aired in 2000 and was hosted by Davina McCall and saw 11 housemates stuck together for 64 days, attracting an average audience of 4.5 million. The series’ popularity lasted until 2008, viewers slowly dropping off towards the end of the show’s run on Channel 4. Channel 5 picked up the series in 2011 but failed to bring viewers back, an average 1.6 million people tuning into the 12th series. The first series of Celebrity Big Brother aired in 2001, featuring such famous faces as Jack Dee, Chris Eubank and Vanessa Feltz.

In 2000 contestantNick Bateman attempted to cheat in the game and pass notes between contestants to sway nominations. Until He was confronted by eventual winner Craig Phillips. The second series was won by Brian Dowling. However School teacher Penny Ellis came under fire in the outside world after she was seen showering in the nude on-screen. Season three aired in 2002 it was won by Kate Lawler, from Beckenham, London who went on to enjoy success on the outside world as she forged a career as a DJ, glamour model and enjoying further reality work – including an appearance in the original version of Love Island in 2005. However it was the introduction of Jade Goody from Essex to UK TV screens which caused viewers to cringe, and they cringed even more when In 2007, Jade returned to the house in Celebrity Big Brother 5 and became embroiled in one of the most shocking reality TV rows of all time. Jade along with her housemates Jo O’Meara and Danielle Lloyd were accused of racism against their Bollywood actress co-star Shilpa Shetty. Jade passed away in 2009 from cervical cancer. Season four aired in 2003 and was won by devoutly Christian fish traderCameron Stout, from Stromness, Orkney.

Season five aired in 2004 and was won by: Nadia Almada, from Ribeira Brava, Madeira, Portugal, who was the only even transgender winner of Big Brother. This series featured a host of shocking moments, including the moment Emma and Michelle Bass re-entered the house after a false eviction landed them in ‘The Bedsit’, where they watched on as their housemates bitched about them. Predictably Upon their return all hell broke loose, Nadia slapped Jason Cowan, Emma and Michelle confronted Victor and guards were called in to break up the fight. Season six which aired in 2005 was equally controversial when eventual winner Anthony Hutton and co-star Makosi Musambasi had a boozy night in the pool, and 48 hours after the incident she claimed she was pregnant with his child. half Polish, half Kuwaiti market researcher Kinga Karolczak also caused a stir after she found a rather novel use for a wine bottle. Contestant Maxwell Ward was also given a warning by Big Brother for throwing a glass of water over co-star Kemal Shahin’s head and putting scabs into Kieron “Science” Harvey’s food. Season Seven aired in 2006 and was won by Pete Bennett who has Bennett’s Tourette’s syndrome and had originally auditioned for the fifth season of Big Brother. Outrageous star Nikki Grahame stole the show with her temper tantrums which left the others bemused. Season Eight aired in 2007 and was won by ditzy but loveable Brian Belo. Controversy came when housemate Emily Parr was removed for using the n-word while talking to housemate Charley Uchea.

Season Nine aired in 2008 and was won by actress and model Rachel Rice, from Pontypool, Wales who is now a fully-qualified at Abersychan Comprehensive School. The runner-up was Michael Hughes. Lisa Appleton and Mario Marconi became the first couple to enter the house. Housemate Dennis McHugh was ejected from the house for spitting in Mohamed ‘Mo’ Mohamed’s face during an argument. Season 10 aired in 2009 and was won by Sophie Read a buxom blonde glamour model from Cheshire. Season 11 aired in 2010 and was won by Josie Gibson, from Bristol. After the show she enjoyed huge success as a fitness guru and has just had her first child.

Season 12 aired in 2011 and was won by Contract Manager Aaron Allard-Morgan, from Weston-super-Mare. Since the show he has enjoyed success elsewhere with various TV appearances and opened a bar. This series featured an appearance by Pamela Anderson and Big Brother threw a party for previous stars Paddy Doherty, Bobby Sabel, Lucien Laviscount, Nikki Grahame and Imogen Thomas. Hollyoaks actors Kieron Richardson and Bronagh Waugh, singer Michelle Heaton and reality star Katie Price also appeared (I think they were getting desperate by this stage to keep Big Brother going). Season 13 took place in 2012 and was won by Luke Anderson, a South African chef from Flintshire who became the second transgender contestant to win after Nadia. Controversy was caused by housemate Aaron Frew who repeatedly flashed and made unwanted sexually-charged advances towards fellow housemate Joel Williams until he was removed from the house for ‘inappropriate behaviour’. Season fourteen aired in 2013 an was won by Sam Evans, from Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, South Wales. Housemate Jemima Slade caused offence after making offensive comments towards fellow housemate Gina Rio and was issued a formal warning by Big Brother. Season 15 aired in 2014 and was won by Helen Wood, from Bromley Cross, Bolton who had previously been involved in a threesome with married footballer Wayne Rooney. Elsewher Housemates Steven Goode and Kimberly Kisselovich got together in the Big Brother house,However, just a few weeks after they shared their first kiss and moved their relationship on to a sexual level, Kimberly had to leave the house on Day 44 because of ‘illness’ which was later revealed to be pregnancy. Sadly Kimberly miscarried due to an ectopic pregnancy. However Steven later proposed to Kimberly in the Big Brother house.

Season sixteen aired in 2015 and was won by office administrator Chloe Wilburn from Doncaster. Former winner Helen Wood also appeared but caused controvery when she described another former winner, Brian Belo, as ‘looking like a murderer and rapist’. Then During the 2015 series of Celebrity Big Brother Tila Tequila was kicked out of CBB mere hours after arriving, when pictures emerged of her dressed as a Nazi concentration camp guard. Season 17 aired in 2016 and was won by 45 year old the property developer and salon owner Jason Burrill from Brighton. Controversy was caused by Housemate Laura Carter, who previously claimed to have bedded Justin Bieber, when she had an on-screen romp with Marco Pierre White Jr. Season 18 aired in 2017 and was won by Isabelle Warburton from Warrington. Contorversy was caused by fellow housemate Ex On The Beach star Kayleigh Morris who was kicked out of the house for making ‘violent threats’ against fellow EOTB star Chanelle McCleary. Later in an epic Instagram outburst, she criticized Big Brother, Geordie Shore cast members and the general culture of reality TV. Housemates for this season of Big Brother are

  • 23 year old Customer Service Agent mobile gaming company CIAN CARRIGAN from Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
  • 31 year oldSpiritual Adviser ANAMÉLIA SILVA from London (born in Brazil)
  • 27 year old Bartender LEWIS FLANAGAN from Stockton-on Tees
  • 24 year old Call Centre Worker KENALEY AMOS-SISSONS from Nottingham
  • 31 year old cleaner TOMASZ WANIA from London (born in Poland)
  • 18 year old video Blogger CAMERON COLE from Norwich
  • 25 year old Waitress SÎAN HAMSHAW from Barnsley
  • 19 year old fast food worker ELLIS HILLON from Glasgow
  • 23 year old former footballer/ club promoter ISAAC JAGROOP from Birmingham
  • 21 year old Freelance graphic designer BROOKE BERRY from London
  • 26 year old Training consultant AKEEM GRIFFITHS from the Rhondda Valley
  • 32 year old Artist KAY LOVELLE from London
  • 31 year old Carer ZOE JONES from Halifax
  • 26 year old Bricklayer LEWIS GREGORY from London

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