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World Trauma Day

World Trauma Day is celebrated annually on October, 17th. The purpose of World Trauma day is to highlight the increasing rate of accidents and injuries causing death and disability across the world and the need to prevent them. World Trauma Day was created in New Delhi in 2011 , in collaboration withThe Trauma Society of South Africa (which has the highest road mortality rate in the world with 40 deaths per day) joining the year after. Its purpose was to set a day aside to consider the impact, prevention and treatment of traumatic injuries and deaths.

Trauma refers to “any injury caused to the body”. The injury may be caused due to many reasons like road accidents, fires, burns, falls, acts of violence and crimes against the vulnerable population including women, children and elderly. trauma is any injury that has the potential to cause prolonged disability or death. There are many causes of major trauma, blunt and penetrating, including falls, motor vehicle collisions, stabbing wounds, and gunshot wounds. Depending on the severity of injury, quickness of management and transportation to an appropriate medical facility (called a trauma center) may be necessary to prevent loss of life or limb. The initial assessment is critical, and involves a physical evaluation and also may include the use of imaging tools to determine the types of injuries accurately and to formulate a course of treatment.

Injuries may be caused by any combination of external forces that act physically against the body. The leading causes of traumatic death are blunt trauma, motor vehicle collisions, and falls, followed by penetrating trauma such as stab wounds or impaled objects. Subsets of blunt trauma are both the number one and two causes of traumatic death. injuries are classified as either intentional such as suicide, or unintentional, such as a motor vehicle collision. Intentional injury is a common cause of traumas. Penetrating trauma is caused when a foreign body such as a bullet or a knife enters the body tissue, creating an open wound. In the United States, most deaths caused by penetrating trauma occur in urban areas and 80% of these deaths are caused by firearms.. Blast injury is a complex cause of trauma because it commonly includes both blunt and penetrating trauma, and also may be accompanied by a burn injury. Trauma also may be associated with a particular activity, such as an occupational or sports injury.

Amongst all the causes, Road Traffic Accident (RTA) is the leading cause of trauma across the world. Many injuries may lead to temporary or permanent disability while others may even cause death. Every year, about 5 million people die from injuries across the world. In India alone, it is estimated that one million people die and 20 million are hospitalized every year due to injuries.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), about 1,37,000 people died in road accidents in India in 2013. The burden of disease due to trauma is increasing at an alarming rate. This not only increases the morbidity and mortality rate, but also affects the national productivity on account of younger population being mainly involved in road accidents. Therefore, we should all take the required precautions in order to prevent any injuries. Road designing plays an important role in preventing trauma. But the rate of injuries due to trauma cannot only be reduced by adequate road designing. It is the duty of every citizen of every country to act responsibly. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Trauma is no accident. It can be easily prevented by staying alert. So, help yourself as well as others by acting responsibly.

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