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Doctor Who: Resolution

The latest episode of Doctor Who “Resolution” aired on New Years day 2019 and is The last episode of Doctor Who until 2020. It features Archeologists named Mitch and Lin who unearth something rather sinister and unusual While investigating the Battle of Hope Valley in Sheffield. The Doctor Graham, Ryan and Yazz land nearby and enquire about the find. Upon examination the Doctor is horrified when she discovers that an ancient and deadly foe may be at large. So The Doctor then tries to convince the head of UNIT (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) Kate Stewart to assist against this deadly threat however UNIT has been disbanded.

Meanwhile Lin finds herself completely taken over by the sinister alien intelligence which she unearthed at Hope Valley and finds herself in mortal danger. The alien reveals that it is a Refugee from another planet and has a sinister agenda concerning the conquest of planet Earth. Having taken over Lin’s mind It then uses Lin to reconstruct a rudimentary protective shell for itself using human technology before running amok and destroying any armed opposition It encounters. Then Ryan’s dad is also taken over by a sinister alien intelligence And with the fate of the Earth at stake it is up to The Doctor, Yazz, and Ryan to put a stop to the aliens dastardly plans for world domination.

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