Scotch tape day

Scotch Tape day takes place annually on 31 January to commemorate the anniversary  of 31 January 1930 when the company 3m first Began marketting Scotch tape. Scotch tape is a type of Adhesive tape which combines backing materials coated with an adhesive. Different backing materials and adhesives can be used depending on the intended use. Scotch tape is a type of Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), a key component of some adhesive tapes. Adhesive Tape was first developed in 1845 by Dr. Horace Day, a surgeon. In 1901, the German Oscar Troplowitz invented an adhesive patch called Leukoplast for the German company Beiersdorf AG. In 1936, German company Beiersdorf AG invented a transparent adhesive patch called Tesa. The precursor to the current tapes was developed in the 1930s in St. Paul, Minnesota by Richard Drew to seal a then-new transparent material known as cellophane.

Scotch tape is a trademark and a brand name, although it sometimes used as a generic term. The Scotch brand includes many different constructions (backings, adhesives, etc.) and colors of tape. The use of the term Scotch in the name was a pejorative meaning “stingy” in the 1920s and 1930s. The brand name Scotch came about around 1925 while Richard Drew was testing his first masking tape to determine how much adhesive he needed to add. The bodyshop painter became frustrated with the sample masking tape and exclaimed, “Take this tape back to those Scotch bosses of yours and tell them to put more adhesive on it! The name was soon applied to the entire line of 3M tapes.

Scotty McTape, a kilt-wearing cartoon boy, was the brand’s mascot for two decades, first appearing in 1944. The familiar tartan design, a take on the well-known Wallace tartan, was introduced in 1945. The Scotch brand, Scotch Tape and Magic Tape are registered trademarks of 3M. Besides using Scotch as a prefix in its brand names (Scotchgard, Scotchlite, and Scotch-Brite), the company also used the Scotch name for its (mainly professional) audiovisual magnetic tape products, until the early 1990s when the tapes were branded solely with the 3M logo. In 1996, 3M exited the magnetic tape business, selling its assets to Quantegy (which is a spin-off of Ampex).

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