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Star Wars VII -The Force Awakens

I have recently watched the exciting science-fiction film The Force Awakens again. It takes place Thirty years after the second Death Star’s destruction, and finds The Evil First Order led by the evil Supreme Leader Snoke and his henchman Kylo Ren who are currently scouring the galaxy for Luke Skywalker who is in hiding. Meanwhile the Resistance, backed by the Republic and led by Luke’s sister, General Leia Organa send, their best pilot, Poe Dameron to retrieve information concerning Luke’s location from a village on the planet Jakku, where he meets Lor San Tekka.

Unfortunately the First Order is not far behind and they are attacked by Stormtroopers led by Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren, who capture Poe and destroy the village. Luckily Poe’s droid, BB-8, escapes with the map, eventually finding its way to a junkyard settlement where it meets a scavenger named Rey who is living in abject poverty, trading junk in exchange for food.

Meanwhile Ren interrogates Poe to learn the whereabouts of BB-8. Elsewhere a horrified Stormtrooper called Finn (John Boyega) deserts the First Order, and rescues Poe and after managing to escape they arrive on Jakku. Poe goes missing presumed dead so “Finn” makes his way to the nearest settlement where he encounters Rey and BB-8. Sadly The First Order tracks Finn to the settlement and launches an airstrike, forcing Rey, Finn and BB-8 to steal a run-down ship and flee the planet, hoping to find the whereabouts of the Rebel Base.

They encounter Han Solo and Chewbacca, and learn that the run down ship is the Millennium Falcon. Han then explain that Luke Skywalker tried to train a new generation of Jedi but disappeared after an apprentice turned to the Dark Side and became Kylo Ren, destroying all that Luke had built. Kylo Ren then became part of The evil First Order led by Supreme Commander Snoke from Star Killer Base, a planet which has been converted into a superweapon and is capable of destroying whole star systems.

Elsewhere the Falcon crew meet Maz Kanata, who can help them reach the Resistance, but Finn decides he’d rather keep running. Meanwhile Rey discovers Luke Skywalker’s first lightsaber which Finn takes for safekeeping. Unfortunately they are located by The First Order who attack. Luckily a squadron of Resistance X-Wing fighters also arrive led by Poe Dameron. Rey, however, is captured by Kylo Ren and taken to Starkiller Base where she is interrogated By Kylo Ren.

Elsewhere Han, Chewbacca, and Finn arrive at the Resistance base. Unfortunately they are once again located by Starkiller Base and Han, Chewbacca, Poe, Finn and Rey face a desperate race against time to destroy the superweapon before it destroys them. They then set off to try and find Luke.

Director JJ Abrams has also recently revealed that filming on the latest installment in the trilogy Star Wars IX has recently finished and a title announcement is imminent. The latest Star Wars film is set one year after the events of the previous film The Last Jedi. The film stars John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac and features unused footage of Carrie Fisher, who played Leia Organa, but tragically died in 2016. Fisher’s Daughter Billie Lourd is portraying another Resistance member in the film and Billy Dee Williams is also rumoured to be returning as Lando Calrissian. Richard E.Grant, Dominic Monaghan and Matt Smith have also been cast. John Williams, who composed the music for the previous films, will compose and conduct the score for Episode IX which is due for release in December 2019.

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Events and National Holidays happening 17 February


My Way Day is celebrated annually on 17 February. It is derived from the phrase “My way or the Highway” to commemorate those people who have had the courage to stand up for what they believe in, in order to change things for the better. Many people have succeed by standing by their ideas and working hard for them and many important events have happened because someone had a bold idea, expressed their idea and wasn’t afraid to go through with it. It is also a day to encourage people to Work to acheive their goals


Random Acts of Kindness day also takes place annually on 17 February. Random Acts of Kindness Day is a day to celebrate and encourage altruism and random acts of kindness. It was founded by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, an internationally recognized non-profit organization founded upon the powerful belief in kindness and dedicated to providing resources and tools that encourage acts of kindness.

A Random Act of Kindness can include Paying for the person behind you in the drive-thru, Letting someone go ahead of you in line, Buying extra at the grocery store and donate it to a food pantry, Buying flowers for someone (postal worker, grocery store clerk, bus driver, etc.), Helping someone change a flat tire, Posting anonymous sticky notes with validating or uplifting messages around for people to find, Complimenting a work colleague on their work, Sending an encouraging text to someone, Take food to work, Letting a car into the traffic ahead of you, washing someone else’s car, taking a gift to new neighbors and introduce yourself, Paying the bus fare for the passenger behind you.


World Human Spirit Day takes place annually on 17 February. It was created by Michael Levy of Point of Life in 2003 to promote a human spirit that lives the creative, peaceful, loving life that it was meant to live and to celebrate Human achievement.

The human spirit is a component of human philosophy, psychology, art, and knowledge – the spiritual or mental part of humanity. While the term can be used with the same meaning as “human soul”, human spirit is sometimes used to refer to the impersonal, universal or higher component of human nature in contrast to soul or psyche which can refer to the ego or lower element. The human spirit includes our intellect, emotions, fears, passions, and creativity.

Human spirit is considered to be the mental functions of awareness, insight, understanding, judgement and other reasoning powers. It is distinguished from the separate component of psyche which comprises the entities of emotion, images, memory and personality. The human spirit can also be viewed as a social construct representing the qualities of purpose and meaning which transcend the individual human.

In Christianity, the Bible identifies humanity’s three basic elements: spirit, soul and body. Christians emphasise that the human spirit is the ‘real person’, the very core of a person’s being, the essential seat of their existence. When a person accepts Jesus Christ as their Saviour, it is their human spirit that is transformed as they become ‘new creatures’ in Jesus Christ. The soul which is the seat of the will, mind and emotions does not get converted but needs to be renewed on a daily basis through the recommended Christian disciplines such as prayer and reading the Bible. In Islam, Muslims are viewed as having their own spirits, but one that in a sense is one with God’s spirit.


National Champion Crab Races Day
National Cafe Au Lait Day
My Way Day
National PTA Founders Day
Random Acts of Kindness Day
World Human Spirit Day
Cabbage Day
National Public Science Day

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Happy Birthday🎈🎉🎂🎁🎊🎈

  • English actress Patricia Routledge Was Born 17th February 1929  (Hyacinth Bucket – prounounced “Bouquet” in Keeping up Appearances)
  • Australian actor and comedian Barry Humphries Was Born 17th February 1934 (Dame Edna Everage)
  • Born 17th February 1940 – Gene Pitney, American singer (d. 2006)
  • Born 17th February 1965 – Michael Bay, American film director
  • Born 17th February 1971 – Denise Richards, American actress (Wild Things)
  •  American musician Taylor Hawkins, (Foo Fighters and Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders) was Born 17th February 1972
  • American actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Dark Knight Rises, Looper) was Born 17th February 1981
  • English singer Ed Sheeran was Born 17th February 1991
  • English actress Bonnie Wright, Was Born 17th February 1991 – (Ginny Weasly In the Harry Potter films)

English actress and singer Dame Katherine Patricia Routledge, DBE was born 17 February 1929). She is best known for her role as Hyacinth Bucket in the BBC sitcom Keeping Up Appearances (1990–1995), for which she was nominated for the BAFTA TV Award for Best Light Entertainment Performance in 1992 and 1993. Her film appearances include To Sir, with Love (1967) and Don’t Raise the Bridge, Lower the River (1968). Routledge made her professional stage debut at the Liverpool Playhouse in 1952 and her Broadway debut in How’s the World Treating You in 1966. She won the 1968 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical for her role in Darling of the Day, and the 1988 Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical for Candide.

On television, she came to prominence during the 1980s in monologues written by Alan Bennett and Victoria Wood; appearing in Bennett’s A Woman of No Importance (1982), as Kitty in Victoria Wood as Seen on TV (1985–1986), and being nominated for the BAFTA TV Award for Best Actress for Bennett’s Talking Heads: A Lady of Letters (1988). She also starred as Hetty Wainthropp in the British television series Hetty Wainthropp Investigates (1989, 1996–1998).

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Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters

American drummer Taylor Hawkins was born in Fort Worth, Texas on 17, February 1972. His family moved to Laguna Beach, California in 1976, where Hawkins grew up. Hawkins has a brother, Jason, and a sister, Heather. He attended Thurston Jr. High School and later went to Laguna Beach High School. After leaving the Orange County-based band Sylvia (later emerging as ANYONE), he joined up as the drummer for Sass Jordan.

He left to act as the drummer for Alanis Morissette And Was the drummer for her “Jagged Litte Pill” and “Can’t Not” tours. He appeared in Morissette’s videos for “You Oughta Know”, “All I Really Want” and “You Learn.” He also appeared on Alanis Morissette’s VHS/DVD “Jagged Little Pill, Live” (1997) numerous times.

Taylor Hawkins joined the Foo Fighters after Conflict reportedly erupted between Dave Grohl and the then drummer William Goldsmith, eventually causing Goldsmith to leave the band. The band regrouped in Los Angeles and almost completely re-recorded the album with Grohl on drums. The album, The Colour and the Shape, was released on May 20, 1997. Grohl called up Hawkins to recommend a new drummer, and to Grohl’s surprise, Hawkins volunteered himself. He then auditioned for and subsequently joined the band, making his debut in time for the album’s release. He has played drums on every Foo Fighters abum since including Sonic Highway and Concrete And Gold

In addition to drumming for the Foo Fighters, Hawkins is also an accomplished rock singer, guitarist and pianist. His first lead vocal with the group was a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar”. Two versions of the song were released, one as the b-side to “Learn to Fly” and another on the Mission: Impossible 2 soundtrack album. He sang lead vocals on the original “Cold Day in the Sun,” from In Your Honor, which was later released as a single, and the cover of Cream’s “I Feel Free,” which appeared as the b-side of “DOA” and on the EP Five Songs and a Cover. Hawkins also sang lead vocals for the band’s cover of Joe Walsh’s “Life of Illusion.” Most recently, he sang lead vocals for “Sunday Rain,” a track on the Foo Fighters’ 2017 album Concrete and Gold. Many Foo Fighters live shows feature Hawkins singing lead vocals on at least one cover song.

Taylor Hawkins has also been involved in a number of side projects. In 2006, Hawkins released a self-titled LP with his side project, Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders. He occasionally plays with a Police cover band alternately called “The Cops” and “Fallout. In 2007, Hawkins was part of SOS Allstars for Live Earth with Roger Taylor of Queen and Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers.Hawkins also played “YYZ” with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush on stage at a concert in Toronto on March 22, 2008.

Hawkins recorded the drum tracks for the Coheed and Cambria album “Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow” as the band’s regular drummer, Chris Pennie, was not able to record due to contractual reasons. Also, Hawkins toured with Coheed and Cambria shortly during the months of the album. Hawkins can also be heard drumming on Eric Avery’s (formerly of Jane’s Addiction) first solo effort, Help Wanted and on Kerry Ellis’s album, Wicked in Rock. Hawkins and Grohl split drumming duties on Harmony & Dissidence, the latest album by Foo Fighters bandmate Chris Shiflett’s own side project, Jackson United.

He also recorded the drum for the track “Anche se,” from Vasco Rossi’s demo and played on the track “Cyborg,” from Queen guitarist Brian May’s 1998 solo album, Another World. He also played drums at VH1’s Rock Honors 2006 while Queen performed “We Will Rock You and sang backing vocals on the Queen + Paul Rodgers single, “C-lebrity.”

Hawkins was commissioned to complete an unfinished recording of a song by Beach Boys’ drummer Dennis Wilson titled “Holy Man” by writing and singing new lyrics. The recording was released in June 2008 as part of a deluxe edition of Wilson’s lone 1977 solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue. Hawkins also played in a three-piece cover band, Chevy Metal, that played lesser known tracks by ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Van Halen, Queen, and Black Sabbath. Hawkins continues to play in Chevy Metal, with the addition of fellow Foo Fighters bandmate Chris Shiflett now on guitar.

Hawkins appears on Slash’s solo album Slash, singing backing vocals on the track “Crucify the Dead,” featuring Ozzy Osbourne and In 2011, He recorded drums for songs by Vasco Rossi including L’uomo più semplice.” Hawkins portrays Iggy Pop in the rock film CBGB. , Hawkins latest side project The Birds of Satan features Hawkins’ drum technician and bandmate from Chevy Metal, Wiley Hodgden on bass guitar and vocals as well as guitarist Mick Murphy also of Chevy Metal. The band’s self-titled debut album was released in 2014, and features the Foo Fighters.