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Jurassic World

I have recently watched the exciting dinosaur film Jurassic World again. It features Brothers Zach and Gray Mitchell who visit their Aunt Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) who works at Jurassic World as the park’s operations manager. Jurassic World is currently owned by weathy industrialist Mr Masrani (Irfan Khan). Zach and Gray decide to explore and watch the huge Marine reptile Mosasaur in the Lagoon before going on a Gyrosphere ride round the park where they see Triceratops, Ankylosaurs, stegosaurs, Pachycephalosaurs, brontosaurs and parasaurolophus

Meanwhile Owen Grady, (Chris Pratt) a Navy veteran, is researching the intelligence of the park’s four Velociraptors. However InGen Security chief Vic Hoskins has a sinister agenda regarding the velociraptors. Masrani secretly asks the scientists under Doctor Henry Wu (B.D.WONG), to up the Wow! Factor by creating a genetically modified Dinosaur, however the animal dubbed “Indominus Rex”, turns out to be far more intelligent, adaptable and dangerous than anyone previously thought and it manages to escape form its enclosure clobbering everyone in it’s path and leaving carnage in it’s wake. Masrani tries to hush it up to avoid causing panic and sends a specialist unit to recapture Indominus Rex, however they are also killed by Indominus Rex. Owen suggests killing it, Masrani refuses, meanwhile Claire orders the evacuation of the island.

Unaware of the danger Zach and Gray continue exploring the park in a gyrosphere ride, but enter a restricted area where they are attacked by The Indominus Rex before finding the ruins of the original Jurassic Park visitor center where They repair an old jeep and escape to the main resort. Claire and Owen are not far behind, however they also encounter the Indominus. Meanwhile Masrani and two troopers track the Indominus by helicopter, which escapes into the park’s aviary releasing a flock of flying Pteranodon and Dimorphodon which attack the crowd, killing Masrami, Zara and the troopers. Gray and Zach eventually find Owen and Claire at the resort. Hoskins suggests that the Raptors be used to track Indominus Rex. unfortunately this does not go to plan and more carnage ensues.

Paleontologists will point out that, according to fossil records, that there are a number of inaccuracies: neither velociraptors or Mosasaurs were actually as big as portrayed in the film. velociraptors were Turkey sized, which is still frightening enough if you being chased by a pack of them, and Mosasaurs were about forty feet long (13 Metres approx) which again is still terrifying. Dimorphodon had relatively short wings and could probably only fly short distances and may have only eaten insects like guinea fowl or woodpeckers do today.

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